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How to Create a Free Premium SSH Account Forever

How to Create a Free Premium SSH Account Forever – For those who like free internet on Android, of course, you are familiar with the name SSH Account. SSH account is an account that is used to use or use an internet server in a certain country. SSH accounts are used by free internet connoisseurs to get the best internet server to be fast and stable. Previously, there were a lot of applications that could be used for free internet, for example, one of them was HTTP Injector, this one application can be used for free internet very easily. to know more about http injector you can read:

Free Internet tricks with http injector

In good applications it’s http injector, kpn tunnel, eproxy, custom apk. all these applications require a payload and also an ssh account to operate the internet for free in order to connect to the internet server.

How to create a free ssh account forever

Before creating a premium ssh account, you must first choose the server that will be used for surfing. For example, the server that has a stable and fast connection for now is the Singapore server. therefore NakBlogz will share a tutorial on creating a Singapore server premium ssh account whose account is active for 3 days, 7 days, or 1 month. therefore you can take a good look at the tutorial for creating a free premium ssh account forever:

To create an SSH account, you can visit several websites that provide premium SSH accounts on Singapore, America, or Indonesia servers, some of the websites are as follows:


So, those are some websites that provide free ssh accounts. I myself suggest creating a premium ssh account at to make an active ssh account for 3 days and 7 days. if you want the ssh account to be active for one month you can visit

Creating SSH account 7 days

1. Visit one of the websites that I have shared above, the website recommendation is

2. Go to the website

3. On the main screen of the website, you will see various ssh servers. choose the country server you like (I recommend choosing a singapore server).

4. Click the button that says “select asia” (if you want to create an ssh account with an asia server).

5. after that select the country server that you like.

6. after that create an ssh account.

7. if you want the ssh account to be active for 7 days, you can click create 1 week ssh account.

8. if you are lucky then your ssh account has been created and it will look like the picture below.

How easy is it not to create a 7 day ssh account at but it should be noted that the ssh account on is reset at 00.01 so you have to wait patiently at 12 pm to create it or you can create an ssh account in the morning if the ssh account is not full. if you are lucky you can get an ssh server singapore account you can get easily like the ssh account picture that I made in broad daylight.

How to Create a 1 Month SSH account

1. Go to the website

2. after that click ACCOUNT – CREATE ACCOUNT

3. Choose the ssh server you like

4. Login with Facebook to create the ssh account.

5. After that you just enter the password because the username is automatically filled.

6. Finished creating a 1 month premium ssh account.

This method is quite easy, you can create an ssh account during the day or whenever you want because the ssh account on the website is never limited. so you can enjoy a free premium ssh account for one month. the account I managed to create on is as follows.

In conclusion:

Those are some ways to create a 7 days and 1 month premium ssh account. So, to create an ssh account on a website that has not been discussed, the method is very similar to creating an ssh account at and well that’s all that can be given at this time may be useful for all of you. if you don’t want to bother creating a premium ssh account, you can use the ssh account that I created above.

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