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How to Play the Wink Game on Instagram Story (Flying Face)

Wink Game on Instagram – Recently, Instagram has been shocked by the game feature on Insta Story or Instagram Story. The famous game in 2022, Flappy Bird, became one of the most difficult games to play, and this game became a reference for developers of the insta story feature to make the story feature a flying face game which is almost the same as the flappy bird game.

But what’s unique about the game on Instagram is the flying face, you just need to use the blink of an eye because when we blink, the birds in the game can fly. Unlike in the previous flappy bird game, where we are asked to tap the screen so that the bird can fly.

With a unique feature, namely the wink of an insta story, it will make Instagram users more comfortable using Instagram, that is, apart from being able to socialize with media, they can also play exciting and unique games. just play the game Flying Face on Instagram stories as follows.

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How to Play Games on Instagram Story

As already informed above, that Instagram stories have a game feature, namely the game is almost similar to Flappy Bird, but the only difference is that we use the blink of an eye to play this unique game. but to play the wink game on Instagram you are required to take the following steps, so that this game feature appears on your Instagram story.

Steps to Activate Game Features on Instagram Story

1. The first step is that you update your Instagram application to the latest version by opening Google Play Store – Search Instagram – Then Update

2. After you have finished updating the Instagram application, why hasn’t the flying face game feature appeared yet? well.. this time there is a trick, bro, you first look for an Instagram account called @dvoshansky then follow the account.
3. You can open the game feature by pressing the Highlight from the @dvoshansky account which is named FLYING FACE. you open the highlight and then a text will appear, open Effects, and you press the words Effect. (see image above)

4. And have fun playing Flying Face with Instagram

Note: Once again, in order to successfully bring up the Flying Face feature, besides you must update the latest Instagram, you must also follow the @dvoshansky account. Why should I follow this account? because the Flying face feature in the Instagram story is the person who made it. so don’t be surprised if you haven’t followed the account, the feature hasn’t appeared on your Instagram story.

The final word :

That’s How to Play the Wink Game on Instagram Story. by playing the wink game on insta stories will make you even more comfortable using the Instagram social media application. maybe that’s all about games on instagram, hopefully useful.