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How to Lock WhatsApp Application Without Application

How to Lock WhatsApp Application Without Application – WhatsApp is a social media application that makes it easier for us to communicate with someone without having to take into account the area coverage, whether far or near, will still be connected to WhatsApp. Whatsapp which is currently popular because it is rarely pending when sending messages, is used for free as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet network.

With the many features that whatsapp has, it’s no wonder that this social media application, almost every smartphone installs whatsapp to communicate with someone whether it’s friends, girlfriends, parents and so on. But behind the popularity of the WhatsApp application, many people use WhatsApp for personal purposes. for example, used to chat with important people, private chat that other people should not see.

If there is an important chat on WhatsApp, when someone else borrows our cellphone, we feel anxious and worried if that person opens our own WhatsApp. Therefore we need to lock the whatsapp application with a password, pattern or even a fingerprint password.

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We already know that there are many applications to lock applications in the play store, but because we want something without spending internet quota, we have shared tips for you, namely How to lock whatsapp without additional applications. ok, here’s how to lock WA without an application.

Lock WhatsApp App Without Additional Apps

With the explanation above that we need to lock the whatsapp application so that our private chats are not easily known by others. then to lock the whatsapp application easily without additional applications is as follows.

Steps to Lock WhatsApp Application

1. The first step is, you open your Smartphone settings, then you look for settings about Password Codes. (Like the picture below)

2. Then on the passcode menu, you select “Privacy Passcode” and you “Enable Privacy Password“. (After you activate the privacy passcode then you will be asked to enter a password either in the form of a pattern, password, or fingerprint. depending on the password of your taste).

3. After you have created a password, the menu will automatically “APP KEY” open and you select “App Lock” and check application “WhatsApp“.

4. After you check the whatsapp application, your whatsapp application is locked and you just have to open it with the password you created earlier.

5. Congratulations, you have successfully locked Whatsapp without additional applications.

Notes! : Because every cellphone is different, the appearance of the application lock settings menu is different, so basically you open HP Settings – Password settings – Application lock. because every cellphone has different settings and not all cellphones also support the application lock feature.

The final word :

That’s How to Lock WhatsApp Application Without Application. By locking the WhatsApp application on a smartphone without additional applications, it might make you calmer if someone else wants to open your WhatsApp. well that’s all how to lock whatsapp on oppo cellphone, hopefully it’s useful.

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