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5 Dangers of Using a Free VPN For Internet

5 Dangers of Using a Free VPN For Internet – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The function of this VPN application is to open sites or websites that are prohibited or restricted by the country of the VPN user. then use a VPN application to open sites that are blocked by the government.

By having complete freedom to open blocked sites or websites, it creates a lot of negative effects, namely maybe we can fall into opening negative content by using the VPN application. In addition, the Minister of Communication and Informatics has recently restricted internet use in the Indonesian territory and also restricted the use of social media, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

But what we know now is that all people today must have a social media account, be it WA, Facebook, or Instagram. With limited use of social media in Indonesia, Indonesian people are looking for ways to use social media. because everyone has their own interests on each social media, that’s what makes them look for a way out to open social media restrictions, namely by using a third application, namely VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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However, you should know about the dangers of using a free VPN that you are currently using. Here are some of the dangers of using a free VPN application.

Dangers of Using VPN For Internet and Social Media

VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network which makes it easy for you to open restricted content very easily. But did you know that using Free VPN applications too often has a bad impact on us. Following some of the harmful effects of using a VPN for the Internet.

1. Exposed to Malware on Device

Malware that usually attacks your smartphone device is in the form of advertisements that continue to appear on the cellphone screen. So that it causes you to be disturbed because even malware will continue to exist if you don’t clean it with an antivirus. if you have been exposed to malware in the form of advertisements appearing on your cellphone, you can simply read the following article:

How to get rid of ads that appear on cellphones

2. There is an Online Traker/Tracker

Traker, which is an online activity tracking media, is a medium that tracks your activities when using the VPN, so when the data is collected it is time for the third party VPN to place advertisements according to what you often look for when using the VPN. The ads that appear will match the content you often look for when using a VPN.

3. Leaking Data and IP Addresses

Because there are many free VPNs installed by tracking media that allow your data and IP address to be exposed when using the VPN. Because you accidentally forgot to turn off Location services either on Google or on device location, which causes third parties to abuse your location because of the VPN.

4. Sales of Personal Data

Because we often use free VPNs, which allows free VPN applications to install Spy tools that can find out what activities we do on smartphone devices. therefore free VPNs are very vulnerable to hackers. but if you use a paid VPN or upgrade a free vpn to a paid one, you don’t have to worry because the security of a paid VPN is very tight.

5. Online Crimes Like Hacking and Carding

With today’s very sophisticated technology, it is not possible for parties who really understand the world of Hacking or carding to take the opportunity when we are careless. Maybe when we use a Free VPN the Hackers and Carders take the opportunity to steal our personal data. As in the news that there was theft in the MBanking application because it used a Free VPN. From this incident we learn that using a Free VPN when opening private applications such as Mbanking, social media accounts we need to be careful, because that is where the hackers have the opportunity to act.

Few Messages : If you open something private for example: social media accounts, or Mbanking on android, you should not turn on the VPN to anticipate crime.

The final word :

That’s 5 Dangers of Using a Free VPN For Internet. If you often use Free VPNs then you need to consider the dangers of using Free VPNs. Although I know that not all Free VPNs are dangerous, but we need to be careful. But if you really need VPN help maybe you can use a paid VPN because of course a Paid VPN has strict security for its users. Well that’s all about the Dangers of Using a Free VPN, I hope it’s useful.

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