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How to Block WhatsApp Contacts Without Knowing Easily

How to Block WhatsApp Contacts Without Knowing – WhatsApp is a social media application that is currently a trend. because by using WhatsApp you can communicate with someone quickly even though your internet signal is weak. with several advantages of WhatsApp features that make users feel at home and make them always use WhatsApp to communicate with someone.

WhatsApp or often called WA is very easy to add communication friends, that is just by adding a phone contact from someone so that we can automatically communicate with that person via wa. but have you ever received a message from someone you haven’t saved their contact number for? if ever you are definitely annoyed, especially if he chats with you constantly.

If you have experienced this, you don’t have to worry, because this time NakBlogz has tips for you, namely how to block someone’s WhatsApp contact without being noticed. if you are already annoyed by him by continuing to send messages to you, maybe you can do the blocking wa contact. ok, here’s how to block WA contacts without being known.

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How to Block WhatsApp Contacts Permanently

If you block someone’s whatsapp contact so you don’t know it, maybe you can try to delete a WhatsApp contact by blocking. here are 2 tutorials on how to easily block someone’s whatsapp, namely via chat and through whatsapp settings.

#1. Block Whatsapp Contacts Via Chat

1. First you open a chat/message from someone you want to block

2. Then click the “Three Point” in the upper right corner of the cellphone screen

3. Select “Other

4. Then “block

Maybe that’s the only way to block wa without being noticed, keep in mind that blocking with the method above you can also unblock it so you don’t have to worry if you want to unblock it. just like the method above again and then unblock it.

#2. Block Whatsapp Contacts Via WA Account Settings

1. The first step you open whatsapp then select “Settings/settings

2. Then select “Account

4. Then there will be a contact that is blocked you click on the text (see image below)

5. Then someone who has blocked you will appear, and to add the contact you want to block you select “Contact Icon” as in the image below. and select the contact you want to block.

6. Done

Conclusion :

That’s How to Block WhatsApp Contacts Without Knowing Easily. for those of you who have blocked wa contacts in the above way, if you want to unblock you don’t need to be confused. simply Open Chat with the contact then select “Unblock“. Well maybe that’s the only way to permanently block whatsapp contacts. I hope it’s useful.

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