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Latest Unlimited 60k/Month Cheap Smartfren Package Tricks 2022

Cheap Smartfren Internet Packages – Smartfren is a simcard for phone or mifi. Smartfren internet cards are very good for use today, because the signal is good and stable or you can say that there is rarely interference.

Therefore, many people choose smartfren for the sim card on their smartphone to use the internet. but smartfren internet packages are very diverse and many choices will make you confused. the prices of some smartfren packages also vary depending on the speed and quota obtained.

For those of you who have mediocre capital but want unlimited packages from smartfren, you don’t have to worry because this time I will share the latest cheap smartfren package tricks 2022. follow the steps below.

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Latest Cheap Smartfren Package Tricks 2022

To get a cheap internet package, you can simply use the “My Smartfren” application. why use the app”My Smartphone“? “Because with this application there are many cheap promos to get internet packages.

Be it unlimited monthly or quota-based internet packages. well, here’s how to get cheap smartren internet quota with the my smartfren application.

1. Download the App My Smartphone, then login with the smartphone number that you use on your cellphone or Mifi.

2. Next you select “Buy Package

3. You can choose the package “SUPER 4G UNLIMITED

4. Next you select the package “Super 4G Unlimited Monthly 60K

Important : Cheap internet package 60 Rb Unlimited monthly now 2022 is on promo, from the original price 149Rb to now 60Rb. By using the unlimited 60K monthly internet package you will be able to save up to 50%.

That’s Tricks to Get Cheap Unlimited Smartfren Internet Packages 60Rb 2022. well maybe that’s all to get a cheap smartfren internet promo for Rp. 60 thousand you have got a monthly unlimited internet package. well maybe that’s all the cheap monthly unlimited smartfren package, hopefully it’s useful.

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