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How to Solve "Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped" On Android

How To Fix Facebook Stopped On Android – Who doesn’t know the Facebook application? maybe many people know this social media application or even loyal fb users. The Facebook application is a place to share content, be it photos, videos, links or other things, which is the same as social media applications in general. So it is undeniable that Facebook is one of the social media applications that has the most active users compared to other social media.

But have you ever experienced the problem of Facebook stopping when you open the application? If you have experienced this problem, maybe the following is an explanation. With many users of the Facebook application, so there are several problems with the Facebook application that many people complain about, which is often asking “Why does Facebook always stop?”

If you’ve ever experienced the problem of Facebook stopping suddenly or a notification that reads “Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped” which irritates you. behind the notification there may be several factors causing the fb problem to stop on android. well, here are the causes of how to solve “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped” on Android.

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Causes of Facebook Not Responding / Stopped Suddenly

Many people experience problems with the Facebook application on Android, from Facebook errors, stops suddenly, or can’t be opened. Therefore, we conclude that the cause of your Facebook application often stops on Android, namely:

1. Memory of Fullness

2. Old FB version

3. HP has too many applications

Maybe that’s the main reason Facebook stopped suddenly, therefore we have some tips for you to fix ”unfortunately Facebook has stopped”, namely the following.

How to solve Facebook stopped on Android

1. Clear Facebook Data & Cache

How to fix “unfortunately facebook has stopped” on android effectively is to clear data & cache. by clearing cache and data on the facebook application, you will just log in again and you can be sure that your facebook will not lag or stop. to clear data & cache the way is: (Go to Settings Application Manager Facebook Clear Data and Cache).

2. Force Quit Facebook

It’s the same as the method above, but the difference is that if you force stop Facebook, the application may be forced to stop and will cause Facebook data to be disturbed so you have to repeat to login. but no need to worry your application will not be okay. how to force quit facebook app, (Go to Settings Application Manager Facebook Force Stop).

3. Update the Facebook Application

Many ask why opening fb always stops? and a notification appears “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped” if you ask the solution, maybe this is the last solution, how to fix unfortunately Facebook has stopped, namely by updating Facebook. With the Facebook update, it is certain that your Facebook will run smoothly, because if you are still using the old version of Facebook, there will be lots of bugs in the old version. for facebook updates that is (Go to Google Play Store Search “Facebook” Update/Update).

Conclusion :

That’s How to Solve “Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped” On Android. by trying the tips above, it is certain that your fb will run smoothly as usual. as discussed above if you use an application with an old version or have never updated it then the application will easily have problems such as lag, force close or others. Therefore, be diligent in updating your applications, not only Facebook, but all the applications you use. well maybe that’s the cause of facebook not responding and how to fix fb stuck on android, hopefully it’s useful.