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8 Free Internet Apps Without Root For Android

8 Free Internet Apps Without Root For Android – Internet is something that is really needed at this time. Because by using the internet we can easily find information through the internet. but have we ever realized that using the internet too often will have a wasteful impact, this is because to access the internet we have to use a sim card that has an internet package.

We already know that the price of internet packages at various Sim Card operators is quite expensive and if we often use the internet, it will certainly have an impact on spending extravagantly buying internet packages. But for those of you who often access the internet but don’t have the funds to buy a package, we have a solution for you. that is, we will share information about free internet applications on android phones that can be run without quota and without root.

For those of you who don’t know about free internet applications, we will explain briefly. A free internet application is an application that allows you to access the internet without quota and also without root on an android phone. well, here’s a list of free internet android apps and you can also download free internet apps forever below.

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8 free internet apps without root

1. HTTP Injector

This free internet application via Android may already be known by many people. HTTP Injector is an injection application that has a function to inject internet bugs from a sim card operator. This application for free internet for Android phones is indeed very widely used by some people, because by using the http injector it is easier for you to use it and can be used to surf the internet. to find out about how to use http injector you can read: Free Internet Tricks With HTTP Injector.

2. KPN Tunnel Apk

The fast free internet application for surfing falls on the KPN Tunnel apk application. There are actually 2 versions of the KPN Tunnel application, namely KPN Tunnel Official and KPN Tunnel Ultimate. These two free internet apps are very easy to use. how to use it, you just need to find the config according to your card then import it into the KPN Tunnel Official/Ultimate application, if the config is suitable then the free internet application has successfully activated the VPN and you can use it to surf for free.

3. Custom Apk

Another free internet application for all operators based on config/payload/ssh is the Custom Apk. Apk Custom is a free internet application that is almost the same as HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel, because it uses the same config to run free internet applications without root. The advantage of the Custom Apk compared to other free internet applications is that if the internet is already connected by the Custom Apk application, you don’t have to doubt the internet speed anymore, because the Custom Apk is a simple free internet application.

4. Psiphon Pro

The easiest to use free internet application in our opinion is Psiphon Pro. Psiphon Pro is an application developed by This free internet application is indeed very easy to use, because you no longer need to create an ssh account and config. but you just select the internet server and then just connect. Psiphon pro free internet application is very easy to use and of course the internet speed is according to the server you are using.

5. Anony Tun

The following free internet android application without root all operators is Anony Tun. by using this application you can use the internet for free without quota on the android that you are using. to run this application, it takes a little setting, namely you have to enter the bug of the sim card you are using. here we have tried using the axis card and it works, maybe for other cards you can try.

6. Queencee VPN V5 Lite

Free internet application 2022 android that you can try is Queencee VPN V5 Lite. This free internet application is the same as the Anony Tun application, you have to make settings so that free internet can run. but the advantage is that you can choose several internet servers that have been provided in the application. for setting problems, you can enter to find out about the bugs that are entered according to the card you are using.

7. OpenVPN Connect

The best free 0 credit 0 quota internet application to date is OpenVPN Connect. to start using this free internet application without root, you have to look for the config according to the card you are using which you will later import into the OpenVPN Connect application. Interestingly, this free internet application has twice the internet speed compared to other free internet applications, which is certain according to the ssh used.

8. XP Psiphon

Free internet application for android with a stable signal by using the XP Psipon application. The best free internet application in our opinion is XP Psiphon. with a few settings you can already enjoy free internet on the android phone you have. besides that there is a payload generator, which is a tool used to create payloads and lots of internet servers. maybe XP Psiphon is a free internet application that is not in the playstore, but you can download this forever free internet application on google.

Conclusion :

That’s 8 Free Internet Apps Without Root For Android. please note that the free internet application for android above can be used if the card you are using gets an internet promo or a bug from the card you are using is still active. and we can conclude that free internet works if there is an entry gap (BUG) from the card operator you are using. well that’s all the best free internet android apps and free internet apps for all android operators, hopefully it’s useful.

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