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How to Take Screenshots on Laptops and Computers Easily

How to take a screenshot on a laptop or computer – Screenshot or other terms take pictures on a screen. almost all computer or laptop screens can be screenshots. With laptop screen screenshots, it is easier for us to save images on a laptop or computer screen.

Talking about How to Screenshot on Laptops and Computers, there are lots of ways to screenshot on a laptop or on a computer, but all of the available ways maybe you don’t understand or don’t understand how to screenshot on a laptop. Therefore, on this occasion we will share a tutorial on how to easily take a screenshot on a laptop or PC.

For those of you who are still confused about how to screenshot on a Windows 7, 8, 10 laptop, maybe this article can help you a little. for those who want to take screenshots on a laptop or computer without using an application, it’s a good idea to check your keyboard first.

The first thing to note is to make sure there is an important button for screenshots, namely, PrtSc. With this button on the keyboard, it will make it easier for you to screenshot a laptop using only the keyboard. Maybe that’s all the explanation for how to screenshot laptops & computers manually, now let’s go straight to the subject, which is a practical way to screenshot on a laptop or computer, as follows.

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2 Cfig Screenshots on Laptops and Computers

As we explained above, first make sure your laptop or computer keyboard has the PrtSc button. if there is, let’s go into the subject of the following discussion how to screenshot a laptop with a keyboard.

How to Take a Laptop Screenshot Using the Keyboard

How to screenshot a laptop manually, If you want to take a picture (Screenshot) on a Laptop or PC using the Keyboard, pay attention to the following steps.

1. Find anything on the screen that you want to take a picture of. For example, I screenshot the laptop / computer screen as follows.

2. When you get the image you want to screenshot, then you just press the ( PrtSc SysRq ) . by pressing the button on the keyboard, the screen on your laptop or computer will automatically take a screenshot.

3. How to see screenshots on a computer or laptop, you go to the Microsoft application (Microsoft Paint / Word). after you open the Microsoft Paint / Word application, you just press the ( CTRL + V ) or Paste. and congratulations you have successfully taken a screenshot of the windows screen on your laptop and computer.

The method above has been proven to work on laptops & computers, while the way to screenshot acer windows 7, 8, 10 laptops is almost the same as the method above. How easy is it not, to take screenshots on laptops and computers? But by pressing the PrtSc button you can only take screenshots at a time, if you want to do practical screenshots on a laptop without needing to go to Microsoft Paint / Word, we have another solution, which is as follows.

How to take a laptop screenshot with an application

The Snipping Tool is a default application / tool on Windows that has almost the same use as PrintScreen, which is to take pictures on a computer or laptop screen.

Although it has the same function as PrintScreen, there is also a difference between the Snipping Tool and PrintScreen, namely that PrintScreen is used to copy the entire monitor screen area. While the Snipping Tool is useful for copying some areas of the monitor screen that we choose. if you already understand about the Snipping Tool, go straight to the easy way to take a screenshot of a computer or laptop with the snipping tool.

1. Look for the Snipping Tool application, to find this application you click Start then Search “Snipping ToolThen open the application.

2. After the application opens, you can set the screen size you want to screenshot. when you have the settings, all you have to do is click the screen using the cursor.

3. Automatically the screen is successfully screenshotted and you can immediately see the results without the need to Microsoft Paint. then you can edit the image and also save.

Well, those are 2 ways to take screenshots on laptops and computers easily and quickly. from some of the tips above, namely how to screenshot a laptop with an application and how to screenshot a laptop with a keyboard, it is hoped that you can take screenshots quickly on a laptop.

The final word :

Maybe that’s all How to Take Screenshots on Laptops and Computers Easily. It should be noted that if you want to take a screenshot on a laptop, you can try the two methods above. for how to screenshot on a laptop keyboard and how to screenshot a windows 7, 8, 10 laptop, you can choose to use 2 ways to screenshot laptops and computers above. Hope it is useful.

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