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Collection of the Best Android Offline Casual Games

Collection of the Best Offline Android Casual Games – For those of you who are having problems in life or are feeling stressed, maybe you need some ways to be creative or relax to calm your mind. Therefore, this time we will share info about relaxing offline android games that are not boring to relieve stress on the mind.

For those of you who often experience stress on your mind or feel pressured, take a minimum of 10-35 minutes to play games you like on Android. but for the android game genre, you also have to pay attention because there are also games that require high concentration to play them. but for those of you who are still confused about choosing a casual game for Android, this time we will provide a solution. well, here’s a collection of the best offline Android casual games.

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Best Android Offline Casual Games

1. POU

The first stress relief game on Android is POU. This android casual game is the most popular casual game until now. In the POU game, players are required to take care of the characters in the game. from bathing him, feeding him, taking care of him, to being able to invite him to play. For those of you who want to relieve stress, maybe this relaxing game is perfect for playing on Android. Because this game is quite easy and simple to play and don’t blame it if this relaxing game of boredom makes you addicted to playing games.

2. My Talking Tom

An offline relaxing game for android, the next one is My Talking Tom. This casual game is almost similar to the POU game, but only the characters and appearance are different. My Talking Tom Casual Game requires you to take care of the Cat character in the game. and also you can buy clothes, buy rooms, and much more. This game is classified as a relaxing game and does not require much concentration to play it.

3. Little Big City 2

These relaxing games without internet come from the popular game developer Game Loft. the casual game that he developed is Little Big City 2. This game simulates a tropical island that you will turn into a big city or modern city. In this game, there are various missions and several mini games that you can play. interesting again this game does not require an internet connection to play it. Therefore, we highly recommend this light relaxing Android game to play and as an alternative to stress relief.

4. Onet Classic

One of the best relaxing games for android is Onet. Game Onet is a simple game that requires you to find two similar images by paying attention to the layout and time that has been set. In order to win in Onet game, you have to focus and have the speed to match the same pictures in a row. By playing the Onet game, which is an offline android relaxing game, you will be able to relieve stress on your mind.

5. Where’s My Water?

This casual offline game for Android is called Where’s My Water?. This relaxing game on Android is a very good puzzle game to play. For those of you who like relaxing games to keep your mind fresh, maybe Where’s My Water? you can play on android. in this game you are required to channel water to the characters in the game to get water. For those of you who want to play this fun relaxing game, you can try playing it yourself.

6. 17s

The recommended relaxing android game is 17s. The 17s game is one of the casual games for Android created by Indonesian children. game 17an has gameplay that is almost similar to the game Dumb Ways To Die. Even so, this casual 17s game contains various kinds of games / games that are usually contested on the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Some of these games are sack racing, areca climbing, tug of war and many more. This nice relaxing game is perfect to play.

7. Croosy Road

As the name of the game implies, the game Croosy Road requires you to run a character in the game to cross a crowded road to get to the other side of the road. and also you should not be hit by a vehicle that passes through that road. The best casual offline game on this one is indeed very many people play it and interestingly this game is offline or can be played without an internet connection.

8. 50 50 – Addicting Slicing Game

The next light relaxing game for android is called 50 50 – Addicting Slicing Game. This relaxing but challenging game does look very easy, but you also have to think correctly to cut a paper with the same cut results. For those of you who are experts in estimating something, maybe this one game is suitable for you to play as a relaxing game to relieve boredom.

9. Zombie Tsunami

The most popular casual game from the past until now is Zombie Tsuanmi. This relaxed genre android game does look simple and easy to play. to play this Zombie Tsunami game you are required to eat as many people in the game. This offline android relaxing game is indeed very fun to play especially for stress relief that hit.

10. Fast like a Fox

The fun relaxing android game to date is Fast like a Fox. This game developed by Fingersoft is a fun game to play in your spare time. This cool android relaxing game, you are required to find as many coins as possible without the character dying. The game is also very suitable to be played as an alternative stress reliever.

The final word :

That’s it Collection of the Best Android Offline Casual Games. Maybe there are still many casual / casual games on offline android, but we have summarized the above series of games so that they become the Best Offline Android Casual Games. well that’s all about offline relaxing games for android, hopefully it will add to your reference.

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