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8 Best Lightweight PC Screen Recorder Software

8 Lightweight PC Screen Recorder Apps – Record screens on a PC for gaming purposes, PC tutorials, or so on to be uploaded on various social media, especially YouTube. Therefore, here we will provide a few recommendations about the best screen recorder software on a PC. Previously, the screen recorder that we know and is most popular from time to time is Bandicam, this software is arguably the lightest and best for recording PC or laptop screens. However, along with the times, there are currently many software application developers who have created screen recorder software or applications for PCs.

Lightweight PC Screen Recorder

But it’s good for us to know in advance what is a PC screen recorder? screen recorder for pc is a software application that functions to record all pc screen activities that we are currently using, then later it will be made into a video in MP4 format. okay, let’s just discuss the following 8 Lightweight PC Screen Recorder Apps NakBlogz versions of which are as follows.

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List of Best Computer Screen Recording Software

1. IceCream Screen Recorder

One of the best PC screen recorder software is IceCream Screen Recorder. This software is very light to record the PC screen. because by using this PC/laptop screen recorder application the video results obtained are also very good, even though this one application is not that big. in this screen recorder software you allow to record the screen on a PC or laptop with you can set the line used to measure the screen to be recorded. to install this computer screen recorder application or software is very easy and supports all windows devices, from windows xp, windows7. windows 8, up to windows 10.

2. Bandicam

This software is a very good software to use for recording PC or laptop screens. By using this application to record the screen on your PC, you will get small and high-quality videos. and this screen recorder software is very different from other screen recording software. interestingly Bandicam can be run on windows with very low specifications though.

3. HyperCam

This software is somewhat similar to the IceCream Screen Recorder software, because of the feature that allows capturing a certain area or area which will later be recorded. This software is quite light because in addition to its small size, it can also record screens with very good performance and is best used for free computer screen recorders.

4. Cam Studio

In our opinion, the Cam Studio application is widely used by many people to record their computer screens that are used to make video tutorials or so on for a long period of time. interestingly, the Cam Studio application besides being very light when used, there are also many cool features that can be used for screen recording needs on a PC. Just like other screen recorders, Cam Studio screen recorder software is also able to record certain parts that you have set on your own PC.

5. Jing

Besides being lightweight, this application is also very practical to use to record the screen which will result in a video. PC screen recorder for games, Jinglah is the solution. by using a software called Jing you make it possible to record PC screens with a long duration. so it is very suitable for game screen recorder. and also the Jing application is very simple in the process of using it.

6. Action!

For those of you who like to record games on a PC or computer, you can consider this screen recorder application, Action!. This application is able to record computer screen with sound. and what makes this application the best for recording PC screens is that this application is capable of recording screens with HD 1080P resolution and you can also set the desired video resolution later, and you can also choose the video format to be recorded.

7. Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 users are very lucky, because Windows 10 already provides screen recording software. the software is called Windows 10 Game Bar or often called Game DVR. Interestingly, many YouTubers use the Windows 10 default software to record screens. and the video obtained is also not too big so it is very suitable for uploading. To record the screen using this software, your PC or Laptop is required to have Windows 10. The way to record it is by pressing the button Windows + G to start screen recording.

8. WM Capture

WM Capture is a free software used to record computer screens. by using the Capture software you can record the screen on a certain part of the screen that you want to record. and also the video results from CW Capture are quite good and you can choose various video formats from MPEG, WMV, AVI, DVD and others.

Conclusion :

Well that’s some PC screen video recorder application. You can try the PC screen video recorder application above one by one. and the above application also allows to record computer screen with sound. and of course the software above can also record HD PC screens. for the application/software above you can download it yourself on google because here we do not provide a download link. and free PC screen recorder you can try on various windows. for the watermark from the above application there is one that contains and there is a PC screen recorder without a watermark. well that’s all for now hopefully useful.

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