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A collection of Lightweight Offline Android Adventure Games

Lightweight Offline Android Adventure Game – Android games don’t stop giving us video games that are really fun to play. Especially the best android adventure game. Before discussing hd adventure games on android, we previously discussed the list of the best 2022 PC adventure games, but only the devices they use are different. Small size offline android adventure games are indeed a favorite of android gamers, because besides offline adventure games can be played without an internet connection the size is also not too large.

Lightweight Offline Android Adventure Game

Regarding games on Android today, there are no limits, because you can get various offline and online games for free on the Google Play Store. Due to the large number of Android users today, this has prompted some game developers to create very varied games on Android, especially adventure games. Why adventure games on android ? Because adventure games will make players from these games not get bored quickly because in adventure games players will find new things from the games they are playing, so this is the main factor that drives adventure games to be loved by many people.

Small Size Android Offline Adventure Game

However, of the many adventure games on Android for free, and many online or multiplayer adventure games, it will not be possible to open the game if there is no internet connection. therefore NakBlogz will give you Recommendations 8 Lightweight Offline Android Adventure Games and that certainly supports all androids to play this adventure genre game. well, let’s just discuss the 3D Offline Android Adventure Game, the questions are as follows.

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1. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

The first offline fun android adventure game is Assassin’s Creed. Who is not familiar with the game assassins creed? Even though the Assassins Creed series used to only be playable on PS and PC devices, now Ubisoft is giving gamers on Android the chance to taste this great game. In this adventure game you will be the captain of a ship who will later serve to become a pirate, but in achieving glory, you have to fight against other ships in order to win. The graphics offered by this game are so smooth, even though the size is 800MB, this game is smooth to play on low spec Android. so if you want to experience playing this cool android adventure game, you can download this game on the Google Play Store and the interesting thing is this game is free.

2. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a small offline android adventure game. although the size of this game is small and light to play on android, but for the graphics and characters of this game it is very good compared to games in its class. in the game Jetpack Joyride you are required to fly using a jetpack. for game features, Jetpack Joyride already has quite complete features. of the various kinds of Jetpacks that you want to use and various locations while playing the game.

3. Zombie Tsunami

This most exciting adventure game on android is called Zombie Tsunami. This light adventure game will invite you to go on an adventure, and you will become a zombie character who will eat everyone to make the zombies a lot. although the appearance is only limited to 2D, the Zombie Tsunami game is able to attract players in terms of unique and exciting adventure games on this one. in this game there are also many features in this game.

4. Subway Surfers

The following android adventure game without internet connection is Subway Surfer. This game is indeed not foreign to our ears. a game that invites you to find as many coins as possible by running on the train tracks and being chased by the police with their dogs. This game is an adventure game that is light and fun to play on Android. to get this game you can download it on the Google Play Store and it’s definitely free.

5. Temple Run

Android adventure game with the best graphics, is Temple Run. Temple Run is an action and adventure game that is almost similar to a subway surfer game. The similarities are in terms of running for coins and being chased by monsters. looks so good make this game more and more

6. Ninja Arashi

One of the lightest adventure games on Android is Ninja Arashi. This game will invite you to become a Ninja and fight all enemies in every mission. This game is quite good to play on Android. In terms of gameplay, this game is pretty good in this class of games. you can get this game for free on the Google play store.

7. Jungle Adventures 2

If you like adventure games on android offline. you can consider this one game. Jungle Adventures 2 is an offline game with the theme of adventure in the middle of the jungle. This game has a small size so it can be played on all Android devices. and the features in this game are also quite good, even though the game display is still 2D.

8. SuperCraft 3D

This Offline adventure game has a game appearance that is almost similar to the Minecraft game. but in this game it does not have complete features like minecraft. even so this game will also invite you to build anything like Mine Craft.


Those are some of the Most Popular Android Offline Adventure Games. and also Small size offline adventure android game. therefore we provide recommendations for games that support all androids, namely light android offline adventure games. and the best android offline adventure games 2022 there are also the latest android offline adventure games. and of course, offline adventure games for android free. Well, that’s a collection of offline android adventure games, from us, hopefully it will be useful.