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How to Get Free Axis Internet Quota

How to Get Free Axis Internet Quota – Hello, bro, on this occasion, we will share a few tricks to get free axis quota without credit. Previously, we will first discuss about axis free quota. You can get free quota from axis with just a few tricks to get free axis internet quota. and so that this axis free internet trick can run smoothly, you are required to first install the HTTP Injector or KPN Tunnel application.

By using one of these free internet applications, it is possible to get free axis quota every day and even forever if this trick still works. actually how to get free axis card quota, it’s not difficult and also not easy, so the location and signals that will affect this axis free quota trick work or not. ok, let’s just discuss how to increase the free axis quota for android.

How to Get Axis Free Quota

As we previously shared about free internet, this time we will try to share a trick on how to get free axis quota, using an axis or xl card and also with the help of the HTTP Injector or KPN Tunnel application you can enjoy 500mb or 1-2GB per day. Isn’t it great? You can use the quota for internet, download, or social media. Guaranteed 2GB per day will make you satisfied internet. Alright, let’s start with the steps on how to get a free axis card quota as follows.

Steps to Get Free Axis Quota Free 2022

  1. You first buy the Axis Gaol / Axis Hitz Card at the nearest counter. if you buy an axis gaol card, you first move to a Hitz rate, you can read: How to Transfer Packages from Axis Card to Axis Hitz. and if you buy an axis hitz card, you don’t have to move the package anymore or in other words you can use it right away.
  2. After your Simcard is on the hitz axis, or you can check it first by pressing *123*7*7*1# if you are already at the hitz rate, you will see a display that says “free BBM, Line and WA” if the message is so safe your card is already at the hitz axis rate.
  3. Download and open the official HTTP Injector / KPN tunnel application. then import the config and press start, and you also get a quota of approximately 500mb for free without credit.
  4. For now you have got a free axis quota of 500mb per day, then so that you can get a free axis hitz quota which is bigger up to 1-2 Gb, you log in to your dialphone and press *123*4*5*2*1# that is, you will get a pulse of Rp. 4900 per week to get the weekly kzl chat package.
  5. After successfully registering for the weekly kzl chat package, all you have to do is open the HTTP injector application or kpn tunnel import config and press start, and congratulations you get a free quota of 1-2GB per day, for an axis quota of that size you are sure to be satisfied for free internet.

Additional Info:

  • To get the Config axis, you can get it on the website then you select the catalog, after that search for Axis Hitz, many configs will appear later, you just download and try one by one in the HTTP Injector application.
  • To get the http injector axis config, you can join the http injector FB group, there are many people who share the hitz axis config.
note : For now, the bug / config axis can no longer be used even though it can be used but only a limit of 30mb per day. therefore I recommend using psiphon pro to make it easier and not need to look for config. Read : How to Setting Psiphon Pro Axis

The final word :

that’s fine how to get free quota for axis . For those who still can’t, just remember my contact and I’ll teach you how to get free quota every day with the axis card. that’s all, How to Get Free Axis Internet Quota and how to get free quota without Axis credit from us Hope it is useful.

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