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6 Wifi hacking apps on Android

6 wifi hacking apps on Android – Boy Blogz

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6 Wifi hacking apps on Android. The internet at this time is a basic need for everyone. whether it’s used for online business or just open social media. but to access the internet we have to use wifi or cellular data.

And if we use cellular data, it will make us wasteful buying internet data quota, while using wifi the tariffs that must be charged are also much more expensive than using cellular data.

But the wifi signal is very good for surfing and the currently circulating wifi must be given a password by the owner so that no one can access the wifi.

But take it easy bro.. it turns out that there is an application that can break into wifi passwords or wifi hotspots, which we will discuss today. Previously, this time NakBlogz will share info about the wifi or hotspot hacking android application.

Previously, wifi or hotspot was an internet network where we could access the internet for browsing and so on.

It is undeniable that many people want to break into their friends’ wifi or hotspots, the reason is that they want to get free wifi without having to pay.

This is because nowadays, of course, everyone should be able to learn about the internet, because if at this time we don’t know about the internet, we will be out of date and ignorant.

For this reason, everyone wants to access the internet, whether it’s using cellular data or wifi.

Especially the use of wifi, which at present the payment is very expensive to buy quota that is installed on wifi.

But if we want to get free wifi we have to use an application for android in order to break into your friend’s wifi or hotspot.

Therefore, NakBlogz summarizes it in 6 wifi breaker applications on Android, namely as follows:
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1. Wifi Master Key

This one application is very good for breaking into wifi that has a password to maintain the security of the wifi.

Wifi Master Key is the best wifi breaker application for android how to use it is quite easy and the way it works is very good so it is very good for breaking into wifi or hotspots.

For those who don’t know how the wifi master key works, you are looking for an area where there is wifi, then open the wifi master key application and run the wifi automatically, you will be able to access it and you have cracked it.

Please note that breaking into wifi with a wifi master key you will be able to access the internet with wifi but the risk of being caught by the owner of the wifi is borne by you. So there is nothing wrong if you want to break into the wifi yourself.


For those of you who like to use wifi without the owner of the wifi knowing, you can use this application to break into wifi.

An application called WIFI WPS WPA TESTER is a password breaker application or wifi password that allows you to access the wifi for free and without the owner knowing.

How to use this application is very easy, you just start this application and automatically the wifi can be accessed easily.

For those who have difficulty accessing wifi through this application, it may be that the wifi has been securely secured. and also if the wifi cannot be accessed by this application, it is possible that the wifi uses high security so that other people cannot break into the wifi.

3. WPS Connect

You can hack wifi or hotspot by using this one application, namely WPS Connect.

This application has very good features and is easy to use to access wifi or hotspots for free with android. by using this application it is guaranteed that you will be able to break into the password or wifi password that you will break.

And you need to know that this application can only run on the Android 4.1.2 system, but if your Android is above 4.1.2, it is possible that this application cannot run properly.

To get this one application, namely WPS Connect, you can get it on the Google Play Store for free. and of course you can break the wifi password easily and quickly.

4. Professional Wifi Hacker

Hacking wifi with professional wifi hacker app is the best choice to hack wifi or hotspot.

Because the features possessed by this application are classified as very light and easy to use, therefore NakBlogz, also recommends this application to break into wifi properly for android.

The way to start this application is that you simply press the start button and this application will automatically scan for affordable wifi around you. and also automatically connect to the wifi.

So it is very easy for you to run this application on android. to get this application you can search in application stores other than the google play store because the google play store is currently not available.

5. WIFI Password Breaker

This application is almost the same as the application discussed above. WIFI Password Breaker application is a wifi or hotspot breaker application that is used for the android platform.

Usually you can get this application for free on the Google Play Store. For those who don’t know how to use this application, you just have to run this application so you can access wifi for free using this WIFI Password Breaker application.

the features of this application are also very good and good for those of you who have not installed this application, please download it first on the Google play store.

6. Wifi Router Password Finder

If the application above doesn’t work, don’t worry, NakBlogz will share information about applications that may work on your Android.

The wifi breaker or hotspot application is Wifi Router Password Finder. an application that can break into with one tap and wifi automatically you can use for free.

Therefore, we ourselves recommend using this application if the above application does not work on your respective Android.

And if the application does not run on your Android, the cause could be because your Android does not support the application.


Well, that’s all the info that NakBlogz can provide is about the best wifi or hotspot breaker application.

The wifi breaker applications discussed above do not all work on Android. but it’s good we try and who knows it will work.

Therefore the wifi breaker application discussed above if it doesn’t work on Android. most likely your android does not support the application or the wifi you want to break has high security.

So in conclusion, if you can break wifi or hotspot with the above application, we are not responsible if you are caught breaking into the wifi by the wifi owner.

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