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10 Best Indonesian-made android games

Android games are indeed very popular at this time, because we can easily play games only with Android and also we can play games anytime and anywhere. We already know that there are a lot of games on Android. For example, games on the Google play store, many of which provide free games for download on Android.

But did you know that not all games on the Google Play Store are made by foreign game companies? It turns out that the games on the Google play store that can be downloaded for Android were made by the children of our own nation, namely Indonesia. this certainly makes us proud as Indonesian people when there are game makers from Indonesia.

Games made for Android are also of various kinds and have unique features and titles in the game. As time goes by, game makers from Indonesia have launched various games that make players feel more comfortable while playing. Call it one of them is round tofu, this one game is indeed very popular in 2022.

Because from the title alone, it has raised a typical Indonesian food, namely round tofu. and of course you have to play this one game, bro. But that’s not all, games made by Indonesian children. Over time, the creativity and innovation of Indonesian children are able to make the best games for Android. Well, what games are made in Indonesia? Here are the 10 best android games made in Indonesia and definitely must be played on your android device.

1. Guess the Picture

This game made in Indonesia is already very good. The picture guessing game is a game that sharpens the brains of the players by asking the player to guess the picture by giving a picture and a clue. The picture guessing game also deserves a thumbs up because in the picture guessing game there are very many levels and of course each level increases with clues and the picture is also very difficult to guess. Therefore, this picture guessing game can increase your imagination, creativity, and innovation as a player. well if you don’t have this one game you can get it for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Round Tofu

If this one game, surely all Indonesian gamers have all recognized the popular game this year, Tahu Bulat. In accordance with the title alone, it already carries the name of Indonesia, namely Tahu Bulat, which is a typical Indonesian food. This Round Tofu game is also able to reach the top weekly game on the Google play store which is certainly able to compete with foreign-made games. The mission of this Round Tofu game is quite easy, that is you simply press or tap the smartphone screen, the round tofu will automatically be fried impromptu and also directly purchased by visitors. In playing this game you just have to tap the screen many times.

3. Ojek driver

If you aspire to be a motorcycle taxi driver but it hasn’t materialized yet, you can try this game, namely Ojek Driver. This Ojek skipper game makes players feel like they are motorcycle taxi champions or motorcycle taxi bosses. Even though you are a motorcycle taxi driver, you are also required to be a motorcycle taxi whose mission is to pick up passengers and take them to their destination safely and in an orderly manner. for this Ojek skipper game, you have to try it by installing it directly from the Google Play Store.

4. Climb the areca nut

Usually on August 17, Indonesian people celebrate independence in the form of a flag ceremony and also another game, namely Panjat Pinang. If you have never experienced playing real areca climbing, you can try this game, Panjat Pinang. This game requires you to climb the areca nut to get various prizes that are on the betel nut. just like a real areca climbing game. By playing this game, you will also become more familiar with the traditions of Indonesian society. Therefore, please install this game on your android and please enjoy the typical Indonesian climbing game.

5. Ramen Chain

This game is perfect for those of you who like to cook. because in the game the player will be required to cook the ramen ordered by the buyer. Previously, Ramen was a dish made from mostly cooked and processed noodles. in this game you will become a ramen chef so you have to make the ramen that is ordered and according to the tastes of visitors. There are also many places or ramen shops so we don’t get bored just playing in one location. How do you want to become a master Ramen Chef?

6. Sempak Jones

For those of you who have been single for a long time and are already married, this game is for you. Previously, the insult to the status of “Jones” was undeniable. Seeing a loving couple – making the Joneses’ hearts pierced – pricked. and if that happens you have to play this one game. The sempak jones game requires players to throw the sepak at the couple who are alone together and also throw the sepak at the pedobear who is targeting elementary school children. If you are interested you can play it yourself, especially if you are Jones.

7. Mini Racing Adventures

This game made in Indonesia is in the 3D racing genre. The game that has been successfully downloaded by around 10-50 million people in the world is very good for those of you who like to play racing games. In this game there are various vehicles that you can use for racing such as, offroad buggy, buggy steel, motorcycles, trucks and many more. The advantage of this game is that there is a multiplayer mode where you can play online with other friends.

8. TTS Lontong

TTS Lontong invites you to play puzzles. but the puzzles given are very difficult and somewhat unique because it can also be a question that does not match the answer. therefore the players will be made to focus more on guessing this unique puzzle. In this game, all you have to do is answer the puzzles given correctly and don’t be fooled by the questions. For more details, please play the Lontong TTS game yourself.

9. Prince Diponegoro

This one game is very good to consider and to play. because in this game we know much more about past events, namely against the invaders. In the game Prince Diponegoro you as a game player must fight enemies who come with the weapons provided. The enemies in this game are very varied so that your strategy skills will be tested to defeat the enemy. for that lead your troops against your enemies who want to occupy your territory.

10. Ghost Battle 2

In this game, the game characters are various ghosts that have been modified into ghosts that are more interesting and unique to look at. As the name implies, the game Ghost Battle2 invites you to fight against other ghosts in one battle arena. In this game also has quite a lot of levels, to pass each level you have to set a strategy to defeat the ghosts that block to the next level.

Conclusion :

With the presence of the creativity of Indonesian children, we as Indonesian people must support and appreciate their various works, both in games and others. especially for games made in Indonesia, so far the games that have been developed have been very good and able to compete with games outside Indonesia. So for us, please love the work of Indonesian children so that our nation becomes a famous game developer.

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