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Free Internet Tricks with HTTP Injector

Free Internet Tricks with HTTP Injector. Free internet, who doesn’t want to get free internet? Surely everyone in this world wants to get free internet for several reasons, namely from expensive internet rates day to day or not wanting to buy internet data quota.

Therefore, many people wonder how to surf for free only with Android. The solution is to install the HTTP Injector application. HTTP Injector application is an android application that is able to set custom http headers used to connect ssh with a proxy so that it can connect smoothly.

Well, for those of you who haven’t used this application, please search on the Google Play Store, bro. By using the http injector application you can get free internet with card 3, free internet axis, free internet xl, free internet telkomsel and many more starter cards that you can use free internet without quota and without credit.

Therefore NaBlogz will share free internet tricks for life. it means the lifetime of your cellphone hehe. Good if you are first getting to know the http injector application, you can follow the steps to use it for free internet for all operators. for that, look carefully at the steps, bro:

How to get free internet for all operators with the http injector application. Before starting the free internet action with the http injector application, it would be nice to prepare the ingredients first:

  • Smartphone, of course because without a smartphone, you will not be able to surf the internet.
  • Http Injector, this is the application, bro, prepare it first.
  • Config your card, respectively, to get the config later I will explain below.
  • Prayer, this is the most important point, bro, all activities must begin with prayer so that the results are maximized.

Well, let’s just start using this application, for that there are several steps to activate this application so that all operators can surf for free, namely as follows:

1. The first step is that you have to download the http injector application, because without this application you can’t have free internet 2022. To download the http injector application, you can download it directly on the Google Play Store.

2. If the application is already installed, all you have to do is open the application.

3. After that click the paper icon in the upper right corner next to settings. after that select “Import config” and please select the config that you already have.

4. If you have checked the Google DNS first and start SSH, then just click start. After that, wait for a while and congratulations, you can get free internet as much as you like.

For those who don’t know how to get the config, you can see the tutorial that NakBlogz will share now.

How to get http injector config easily:

1. You can find it on various social media forums, for example on Facebook there is a group called “Free internet tricks all operators, no quota, no pulse (config http injector) and many other fb groups discussing http injectors.

In this fb group, there are many kind people who share free configs, so you just need to download the config that fits your card and you can surf for free.

2. How to get the config according to your card, you can visit the “” site and if it’s logged in, select “catalog” after that, look for the card config that you are using.

For example, Indosat Ooredoo will appear several configs, don’t suck it up directly, bro, usually the config has an expired time limit, so you choose the one with the longest expiration, then download it immediately.

Free internet for all operators, you can try it yourself on your respective android. Keep in mind, bro, not all configs that you download work in your application, so for free internet with http injectors, you have to pay attention to the appropriate config in your area.

For those of you who experience failure when connecting the config on the http injector, maybe because your config doesn’t match or has expired. therefore I suggest to try several configs because one config sometimes can’t connect.

Http injector is an application that allows us to access the internet for free. therefore there are many problems that arise when using the http injector the problem that often arises is “cannot connect or the connection is disconnected. To solve it cannot connect, it is possible that the config you are using does not directly fill in SSH so you have to set up SSH yourself by using SSH account.

The trick is to create an SSH account. You can create an ssh account on the SSHAGAN.NET site or other sites. if you have created an SSH account, you just need to enter the ssh account in the http njector application settings, to be precise in the ssh settings and select the username and password that you created earlier. if so, most likely there will be no more errors.

Free Internet solution that can be obtained from http injector is slow or the connection is lost. the cause first is the location where you live, the network is rebdah. for the solution, look for a place that has a lot of signals and if it’s still so refresh your data by turning on airplane mode for a few seconds and turning it off after that import the config again, bro.

That’s the trick to get free internet. free internet all operators, free internet xl, free internet axis. free internet with http injector application. free internet android, free internet tricks for life.

Conclusion :

There should be no error when accessing the free internet for all operators in 2022 with the http injector application if you follow the tutorial above correctly. If you experience an error or input, you can add it in the comments column below.


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