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Useless! These are the 8 Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends

8 Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends

Every month Moonton will definitely update the Mobile Legend patch to keep the game balance stable. Usually, Moonton will update/change the heroes in the legend mobile game, whether it’s on buff, nerf, or adjusted.

But even though Moonton has buffed a hero, it doesn’t mean that the hero will be the strongest and often picked up. Likewise, a nerfed hero is not necessarily an underrated and rarely picked hero. For example, like Gusion, even though this hero gets nerfed many times, Gusion still has high burst damage and is still often picked at the epic tier.

Some heroes have also received buffs, but are still classified as weak heroes or even useless heroes!. Another factor that causes a hero to be classified as weak is that the hero is not selected in the meta game.

8 Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends

In this article, I will discuss the 8 Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legend (September 2021 Update). Who are these heroes? Here’s the discussion.

1. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – ESTES

Estes's Weakest Hero

The weakest hero in the first mobile legend is Estes. Estes is currently an underrated hero because the heal skills possessed by Estes are very easily discounted by Deadly Blade and Necklace Of Durance items.

Estes has rarely been picked this season because most players prefer mages to serve as support. Hero mages who are usually used as support such as Selena, Valir, Aurora, and Kagura. Hero Estes has also lost prestige with heroes Diggie and Nana who have more painful damage.

Estes also doesn’t have crowd control skills and escape skills so this hero is easily destroyed by the opponent’s core hero. But don’t worry, Estes is still the main choice in brawl mode because the heal skill from Estes is really needed by the team.

2. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – ZILONG

Zilong's Weakest Hero

Zilong is one of the free heroes that will be obtained when we are just playing mobile legend. Maybe because it is a free hero, this fighter-assasin hero is a weak hero. Zilong has a very weak defense, especially when facing heroes who have high burst damage.

Although this hero’s ultimate can be immune to slow effects, Zilong is weak to stun. Of course this makes it difficult for players who usually use Zilong as an offlaner or to do a push turret. So that not infrequently the ultimate from zilong is used more to escape than to finish off his opponent.

3. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – SABER

Saber's Weakest Hero

This hero with an assassin role has lost in prestige to other assassin heroes such as Gusion or Hayabusa. Saber is rarely used this season because it doesn’t have severe damage in the early game.

We have to wait until the late game so that the saber can finish off the opponent’s core with one combo. The damage generated by his flying sword skill is lacking, so Saber has difficulty farming at the beginning of the game.

Saber is a hero who attacks at close range so that he will be overwhelmed when dealing with long-distance heroes. So with these various weaknesses, it is very rare for the saber to be picked, both in ranked and classic modes.

4. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – BANE

Bane's Weakest Hero

Bane had become a pick subscription and was banned in the mid-2021 season after experiencing a revamp on his passive and skills. Bane became terrible in that season by only relying on his passive and skill 2. However, in the next season the damage from Bane was on nerf so that the interest began to decrease until the current season.

Bane’s role as an offlaner has begun to be replaced by the presence of several other fighter heroes, such as Thamuz and XBorg. Another disadvantage of this hero is that it will be difficult to escape when it is surrounded by the opposing team.

5. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – CYCLOPS

Cyclops' Weakest Hero

Cyclops is one of the weakest mage heroes and is very rarely used this season. Compared to other mage heroes, Cyclops only has 1 area skill, namely Stardust Shock, while the other skills are only single targets.

Cyclops only has 1 crowd control skill and even worse, the crowd control comes from its ultimate which has a long cooldown. This causes some players to prefer using area-type hero mages, such as Valir, Pharsa, or Aurora.

Cyclops also does not have skills that can be used to escape, making this hero less and less used.

6. The Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – BELERICK

Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend

The weakest hero in the next mobile legend is the Belerick hero. This hero had become a pick subscription after experiencing a revamp. However, this tank is still inferior to other tank heroes such as Khufra, Atlas, Baxia, and Hylos.

You could say, the skills possessed by the hero Belerick “bear”. Skill 1 and skill 2 from Belerick don’t contribute much when picking up opponents or during war. The crowd control effect resulting from skill 2 only binds the opponent without actually paralyzing him.

The passive skill of this tank hero is also less than optimal, because the passive skill will only attack the opponent with the Nature’s Seed sign. The drawback of his passive is that his attacks cannot lock the opponent’s hero or random.

So, if there are minions around Belerick, the passive skills will feel chaotic or random. Hero Belerick is quite weak against Marksman heroes with critical damage such as Irithel, Granger, and Bruno.

7. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – LAYLA

Layla's Weakest Hero

Layla is rarely used in ranked mode, unless it is used to troll. Layla became less desirable because she did not have the blink skill or the skill to escape.

The movement maneuvers of this hero are also slow, so the movement must be assisted using shoes and battle spells. Damage generated in the early game is also less.

Layla does not have crowd control or disable skills, so the enemy can avoid her attacks easily. Don’t ever do a first pick on Layla’s hero, or you will be read by your own team.

8. Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend – ARGUS

Weakest Hero in Mobile Legend
The weakest hero in the last mobile legend is the hero Argus. Argus is one of the heroes with a weak and useless role fighter in the mobile legend game. You could say this hero is a responsible hero, because Argus doesn’t have a good defense and doesn’t have high damage during the early game.

At the time of its initial release, the Argus hero became one of the most feared fighter heroes. However, since the emergence of more overpowered role fighter heroes, Argus has become one of the forgotten heroes and is classified as weak.

In the current meta, fighter heroes are required to be a strong offlaner guarding the turret and doing split pushes. Actually, this fighter hero is fast enough to push the tower, but is weak in keeping the tower in its path.

That’s the list of the weakest and useless heroes in the Mobile Legend game. There are several factors that make the hero above weak in the game, such as rarely used, lack of interest, and skills that do not match the current game meta.

So don’t try to be picked on the legend-mytic tier, or you will be read by your team. Unless you are immune to punches and prove it with a solid game, let alone to get savage. Surely the people who bacoti you will immediately be silent.

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