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26 Terms In Mobile Legend That You Should Know

In this mobile legend game, surely you will find a lot of terms that are often used or spoken by mobile legends players. Maybe some of you are still confused by these strange terms or abbreviations.
Moonton developers usually issue several terms, such as Buff, Nerf, Revamp, and Rework. These abbreviations or terms are not only used in this MOBA game, but are often used in other games as well.
Well, in this article I will explain various terms in the mobile legend game and their explanations. Who knows by knowing the meaning of the term, you can improve your ability to play mobile legend games.

Terms in Mobile Legend and their Meaning

AFK (Away From Keyboard)

The term AFK has actually been heard in PC/computer games before mobile legend. AFK itself means a situation where a player leaves the game intentionally or unintentionally. Usually the hero used looks silent at the base and does not respond.


Buffs are status changes in the form of positive effects on an object, such as heroes, items, and jungle monsters. Examples are adding damage or attack speed to heroes, increasing armor status on defense items, and adding HP/blood on monsters. Having a buff on a hero makes the match run fairly.


Nerf is the opposite of buff. Nerf is a change in status in the form of a negative effect on an object, such as heroes, items, and jungle monsters. Usually nerf is done on a hero or item that is overpowered so that the match can run fairly and balanced.

OP (Over Power)

OP is the strength of a hero with a combination of items that are considered very strong so that it is difficult to fight and defeat. Usually heroes who are OP will become a pick subscription and get banned on the epic-mytic tier.


Feeder is a term for the player who has the highest number of deaths and this player is at risk of being the object of ridicule by the team. So, try to play as well as possible so that you are not labeled as a feeder by your team.


The term for an unexpected victory when our team is in a depressed position and will experience defeat. For a team that lost due to a comeback, it could cause the players to have shortness of breath, headaches, and high blood pressure, hehehhe.

GGWP (Good Game Well Played)

This term is often used by players to praise their own team or the opposing team when they play very well. This term is also often used to mock players who often make blunders.


This term also has the same meaning as cupu, c*cat, dregs, or trash. In essence, noob is a term for players who have below average skills and this player will always be the object of ridicule for a team.


In English, rework means to rework or rework. The term rework is usually used to change animations, shapes, images, etc., on a hero, skill, item, and so on in a mobile legend game.


The term revamp is usually used for passive and skill changes to heroes in Mobile Legends.


Assists will be counted if you participate when your teammates manage to eliminate your opponent. Even if you hit it once or get hit by a few skills from the hero, you can get assists.

Map blind

This term is often used for players who pay less attention to the mini map in the game. Usually this player is more concerned with farming than keeping the tower well.


Farming is an activity to kill monsters in the forest and clean up minions so you can get gold and increase your level quickly. Farming is highly recommended for core/carry heroes in order to lift the team to win the match.

Early Game, Mid Game, and Late Game

In the mobile legend match, there are 3 times or phases that you must pay attention to. In the early game, your core/carry heroes are required to do farming and roaming as well as possible. The early game itself starts from the beginning of the game until the fourth minute.
Then there is the mid game phase which starts from the beginning of the fourth minute to the tenth minute. Third, there is the late game phase, which starts from ten minutes until the end of the match. In this phase your items should be ready and you have to be patient in playing so as not to make blunders that can result in a comeback.


Ganking itself is the activity of initiating or capturing the opponent’s core/carry hero who is not guarded by the opponent’s tank or support. This must be done so that the opponent cannot farm freely, so that the opponent’s core hero will miss gold.

Split Push

This term is often used for heroes who only focus on destroying the opponent’s tower in order to win the match. The heroes commonly used for split push are Masha and Hayabusa.


If you use a midlaner hero, have you ever been asked to roam by a teammate? Roaming means walking from one lane to another for ganking or to help a teammate.


Midlaner has a role to maintain the mid/middle lane accompanied by a tank or support hero. This tank/support role is to help midlaners when farming and also to open maps. Midlaners must quickly get to level 4 in order to ganking up or down.


Before playing, have you ever been asked to be an offlaner? If so, it means that you are required to do farming and maintain the tower solo. An offlaner also has to buy a roam item to add gold coffers easily.


Carry is a term for heroes who have the task of bringing the team to victory. If the carry hero on your team doesn’t play well, then it’s hard for your team to win.


Minions are units that appear in each lane and attack nearby enemies automatically. In the mobile legend game, there are 3 types of minions, namely Infantry, Lancer, and Cannon.


Relog is the term used when you exit the game and then re-enter the game.

BKB (Mostly Bad Boys)

This abbreviation is usually used by mobile legend players to mock other players who have below average skills but have a big snub. This type of player fits the saying “empty drum gives loud sound“.


Have you ever seen a player with a Myanmar flag typing the word Lee? The meaning of the word lee is a word of ridicule such as weak, stupid, or not being able to put the right position during war. For example, lee mm, means ridicule at mm when it is a feeder or mm playing badly.

TB (Resistant / Sacrifice)

This term is often intended for tanks / support to be a barrier to attacks from the opponent.


The term troll is usually used by some players who want to prank, have fun, and sometimes annoy their teammates. Heroes that are often used to troll like Jawhead, Franco, or Grock. Do you often get trolled in mobile legends?

That’s the discussion about the terms in the Mobile Legend Game, which might add to your insight. Use these terms and abbreviations wisely so that communication between your teammates is getting better. If there are still terms or abbreviations that I have not explained, please ask in the comments column.

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