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How to copy someone else's COC base without leaving the clan

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games from the past until now. Although the game Clash Of Clans was released in 2021, this game has clashers who are still loyal to playing this game from children to adults.

One of the factors that causes the game made by Supercell this still exists until now is a clasher must have a precise strategy in order to build a strong base from the opponent’s attack.

The way that clashers can do to withstand the opponent’s attack is to have a high-level defense and build a strong base. To build a strong base, there are several ways that can be used such as arrange the location of our COC building yourself or by copying / copying someone else’s base.
As we know, setting our COC base/layout manually will take a long time, especially if we have a high level Town Hall. Well, for those of you who are lazy to set the base manually, supercell has made a copy base feature belonging to someone else. But the problem is that the base that can be copied is only the base that is in the same clan as our base.
But don’t worry, this time I will give other people COC Copy Base Tutorials without leaving the clan. This tutorial is definitely safe to use and don’t worry, your COC account will not be banned.

How to Copy Someone Else’s COC Base

2. Open the application and you will be given the option to login using gmail, facebook, or login as guest (Continue as guest).
3. If you only want to copy the COC base, I suggest you login as a guest only.
4. After that you will see a display like below:

Explanation :

1. In this section you can choose the Town Hall level according to your wishes.

2. In this filter section, you can choose the type of base you want to use, such as anti 3-star base, anti-air attack base, anti-dragon base, base farm, and many more.

3. If you want to copy or use the base, you can press this section.

5. After selecting your favorite base and clicking copy, your android will automatically open the COC application and select a slot to save the base layout that you copied earlier. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking your building so that the base can be arranged neatly.
6. After selecting the slot, the base that you have copied will automatically open in Village Edit Mode and click save to save the base.
That’s it How to copy someone else’s COC base without leaving the clan
which of course is very useful for clashers who are looking for COC base inspiration. Because in the application there are lots of COC base models that you can use. Please write in the comments column if there are other COC copy base applications that you usually use or have used.

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