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How to Delete Long-Sent WhatsApp Messages, Easy!

WhatsApp is a very popular chat application and is widely used by many people. Because sending messages via WhatsApp is simpler and only consumes very little data compared to SMS which costs more than using internet quota.

How to Delete Long Sent WhatsApp Messages

With WhatsApp, of course, you can save more credit and be more comfortable because of other features such as video calls, sending pictures, documents and others.

How to Delete Long Sent WhatsApp Messages

Have you ever sent the wrong message to someone, maybe it was a typo or the wrong message was sent, for example, you wanted to send a message to person A but in a hurry ended up sending the wrong message to person B. Moreover, the message concerns your privacy, of course you should quickly delete it.

WhatsApp has a feature to delete messages that have been sent between the sender and the recipient. However, the limit of deleting the message is only 1 hour. If more than 1 hour the message can only be deleted for the sender only, while for the recipient the message is not deleted.

Then how to solve this problem? If you don’t know how to delete your WhatsApp messages even if it’s been more than an hour, Babang has a powerful trick to solve the problem. Curious right? Just take a look at the following tutorial, okay?

1. First, open the WhatsApp application and find the message you want to delete. If the message has been sent for more than 1 hour, then when you want to delete it only appears the words Delete for Me.

Whatsapp step 1

2. Now, to overcome this, set the date or time on your cellphone (smartphone) 1 hour before the message is sent. You can set it by going to settings, then unchecking the automatic time and date. Suppose you set 10 minutes before the message is sent.

Whatsapp step 2

3. If so, return to the WhatsApp application, then select the message you want to delete. Then then select the option Delete for Everyone.

Whatsapp step 3

4. Done, your message has been successfully deleted for both sender and recipient.

Note: you can set the time/date to the original setting when you have finished deleting the messages you want.

The final word
So that’s how to easily delete WhatsApp messages that have been sent for a long time, so you don’t have to worry anymore when you send the wrong message or typo but the message has been more than an hour.
This method also applies if the message has been read by the recipient or many people if it is sent to a group. This method can be done on all smartphones without the need to install additional applications.
Hopefully useful, good luck!