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Easy Ways to Find the Latest Instagram Filters

Instagram is back in a stir again with the presence of a variety of the latest Instagram filters. The way to get it is also different from the usual Instagram filter.

Usually when you create an Insta Story, the latest filters will appear automatically. However, it’s different from this one filter, because you have to find the filter first because it’s not in the Instagram filter list automatically. Or it can also be called a manual filter.


The filter that you will use is a filter created by ARCreator or Augmented Reality Creator. The creators were collected by Mark Zuckerburg as CEO of Facebook, they were given the software used to create Stories filters that can be used on Facebook and Instagram. It turned out that ARCreator was enthusiastically welcomed by creators, around 20,000 ARCreators registered themselves on the AR Community Facebook.

The main requirement to get the filter you want, you must follow the Instagram/Facebook account of the filter maker. However, the obstacle you have to face is that it is difficult for you to find or know who the creator of the filter is. Well, because of that Babang will give a tutorial on how to easily find a collection of filters on Instagram without being complicated. Check out the review below

1. Via the Lenslist Site


The Lenslist site is a site that provides filters for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The filters available on this site are created by the creators or can be called not official filters from related social media. This site provides an opportunity to upload your own filter work and can be used by people all over the world.

2. Via Hashtags on Instagram


Because there are very few Instagram filter makers, you will find it difficult to find these filters. However, you can also find it through hashtags on Instagram, you can follow the Instagram filter account that you find in the hashtag.

3. Via Sparkcreators Instagram Account


The official Sparkcreators account is the official account of the ARCreator project. You can see through the followers of this Instagram account, because most of them are ARCreators who make the Instagram filter.

4. Via Following Suggestions

following recommendations

The last method is an effective and very helpful way for you to find ARCreators. By looking at the following recommendations from Instagram filter creators, there will usually be lots of recommendations from other filter creators.

So that’s how to find the latest filters manually on Instagram, in this way you can find lots of unique Instagram filters so that your photos or videos will look interesting.