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Here are 5 Easy Ways to Book Cinema Tickets Online

If you really like watching movies, be it local movies, Hollywood movies or Asian movies. Because it’s no wonder when you will watch your favorite movie in the cinema, the cinema itself is increasingly spoiled. Starting from improving public facilities, snacks, until you can order cinema tickets online. There are many advantages that you can get if you order cinema tickets online. The first advantage is that you don’t have to jostle in line to get tickets. Second, you don’t have to worry about the schedule of films that will be shown.

And of course you can choose a seat for later when you are going to watch at the cinema. You will definitely get a favorite seating spot and make you more comfortable when watching your favorite movie.
Because most people who order cinema tickets online will order well in advance of the film showing.

Then how to order cinema tickets online? What do you have to do to book cinema tickets online? If you don’t know, Babang will share the tutorial below

How to Book Cinema Tickets Through the Official Site

For those of you who like to watch at the CGV cinema or Cinema XXI, you can order tickets through the cinema’s official website, here are the steps

1. CGV

Most people visit the official CGV website just to see the schedule of movies that will be showing. But did you know, in addition to seeing the schedule of films that are showing, the official CGV website is also able to order cinema tickets, you know, then how do you order them? If you don’t know, check out the following tutorial

  • First, you visit the official CGV website via a browser or please click here.
  • If the official site is already open, please register by clicking Sign Up, that is if you don’t have a CGV account.
    CGV Situs site
    CGV Situs site
  • Then fill in your personal data as requested, such as name, email, password, telephone number and others completely and correctly. If so, please click the button create account.
    Sign up for CGV
    Sign Up at CGV
  • After successfully registering, please check your email to verify the email you registered. Open the email inbox, then search for the email sent by CGV then click the button Verify Now in the e-mail message.
    CGV account verification
    CGV account verification
  • After successfully registering and verifying, then all you have to do is login by clicking Login, then enter the email and password that you created earlier, then click Login.
    CGV site login
    Login CGV
  • After successfully logging in, your ID card will immediately appear. To start ordering cinema tickets online, please click movies.
    CGV ID Card
    CGV id card
  • Then you select the movie you want to watch later.
    Choose a CGV movie
  • After that, select the nearest CGV location in your area, select the show time and set the date when you want to watch the film.
  • Later you will be redirected to the bottom page to click Pick Your Seats.
    Pick your seats cgv
  • Here you will choose a seat at the time in the cinema. Please click on one of the chairs where you are sitting, if it has been successfully clicked then the box will be red. If you have chosen please click next.
    Choose a seat cgv
  • In the next menu you will be offered by CGV whether to add snacks such as popcorn and others. If not, please click Skip.
    cgv snacks
  • The last thing is to process the payment. On this page, you will be given time to pay. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, and points. Just choose one, then fill in your personal data correctly. If so, please click Proceed.
    CGV Payments

So that’s how to order cinema tickets online on the official CGV website. You can order ahead of time to be able to get the best and most comfortable seating spot without anyone else’s advance. You also don’t need to queue to buy tickets.

2. Cinema XXI

Ordering cinema tickets online through the official Cinema XXI website is almost the same as ordering cinema tickets online on the CGV website. For more details, see the following steps:

  • Visit the official Cinema XXI website by clicking here.
  • After that you click M-tix Registration to register a new account.
    Cinema XXI 1 ticket
  • Then fill in your personal data completely and correctly, then click Register Account.
    Cinema XXI 2 Tiket Tickets
  • When finished, please login using the HP number and password that you previously registered.
  • Then select the city to determine the place where you will watch the movie.
    Cinema XXI 3 Tiket Tickets
  • After that, select the Cinema XXI location in the city you selected earlier.
    Cinema XXI 4 Tiket Tickets
  • Then, choose what movie you want to watch along with the time.
    Cinema XXI 5 . ticket
  • Then, select how many tickets you want to order. If so, please click Continue.
    Cinema XXI 6 Tiket Tickets
  • The last step, you must make a payment according to the price listed. You can make payments via credit cards, bank transfers, and m-banking. Make payments according to the instructions listed there. After that, you will immediately get the ticket.

Book Cinema Tickets via App

If you think ordering tickets through the official website feels complicated. You can try ordering cinema tickets online through the CGV, Cinema XXI and Go-Jek applications. How do I order? Check out the following tutorial

1. CGV App

cgv official app

In addition to providing cinema ticket ordering services through the official website, CGV also provides an application for ordering cinema tickets via an Android smartphone. This of course makes it easier for those of you who don’t like the hassle of ordering cinema tickets through the official website. Then how to order cinema tickets online through the official CGV application? Check out the steps below

  • First, first install the official CGV application, you can click here.
  • After successfully installed, please open the application, then select the movie you want to watch.
  • Next select Buy Tickets.
  • Next, select the nearest CGV time and location in your area to watch the movie you want later.
  • After that, choose a seat by selecting Pick Your Seat.
  • If it’s finished, please choose Buy Ticket.
  • If you haven’t logged into the CGV application, please log in with the account you previously created on the official CGV website.
  • Then enter the CGV card number and PIN, then select Buy Ticket. Don’t forget to check the agree box.
  • Done, you just have to pay for the ticket via transfer or use a credit card according to the nominal stated.

2. Cinema XXI App

In addition to CGV, Cinema XXI also provides an application to order tickets through the Android application. If you like watching movies at Cinema XXI and don’t want the hassle of ordering cinema tickets, you should try this one application. Then how to order cinema tickets through the Cinema XXI application? Here’s the tutorial

  • Download and install the official Cinema XXI application, you can install it here.
  • Open the app, then select the movie you want to watch.
  • After that, select Buy Ticket.
  • Then log in with the Cinema XXI account that you created earlier. Enter the HP Number and Password then select Login.
  • After successfully logging in, please select the location of the Cinema XXI city.
  • Then select the Cinema XXI place where you will watch.
  • Select the film to watch and the film’s show schedule.
  • If so, choose a pick seat.
  • Then choose the seat you want, if you have chosen select OK.
  • The last step, directly select buy.

Note: To buy tickets on the official Cinema XXI application, you must top up your MTix balance, because the Cinema XXI application cannot use bank transfers and credit cards.

3. GoJek App


You are certainly no stranger to the GoJek application. This application is an application that is often used for online motorcycle taxis, online taxis, gofood, gopay and others. However, did you know that the GoJek application can also be used to order cinema tickets. That feature is Go-Tix. Here’s how to order it:

  • First, install the GoJek application, click here.
  • Then open the GoJek application, then select the Go-Tix menu.
  • Select the city and the movie you want to watch.
  • Choose a cinema in the city you have chosen, you can choose CGV or Cinema XXI.
  • Next, select the showtime schedule according to what you want, then select PICK SEAT.
  • Then choose the seat you want. Then select Review Order.
  • Finally, you can immediately pay for the cinema tickets that you ordered with GoPay, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

So there you have it, the way to book cinema tickets online. You can order cinema tickets through the official website or through the application. However, you must have an account first to be able to buy tickets online. Payments can also be made via bank transfer, credit card, mtix, and gopay depending on where you ordered the cinema tickets.

Which do you think is simpler? Come directly to queue to buy tickets or buy them online? Write your opinion in the comments!

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