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Guide and Build Thamuz Strongest Pain 2022 Season 22 Mobile Legends

Thamuz's Sick Build

Thamuz is a hero Fighter who has endurance like a hero Tank, on the other hand Thamuz also have the ability regeneration HP is very heavy. Thamuz also has the D . abilityurability which is good when facing one on one or in gank by the enemy.

If you play hero Thamuz, make sure you are very good at using skills passive. Because what makes Hero thamuz terrible is passive and lifesteal which is very unreasonable.

Hence Existence minion and heroes enemy very important for thamuz. on the other hand thamuz can also repay HP enemy and get HP. So, thamuz is a very hero difficult to be killed if not faced with a hero who has skills Crowd Control.

To make Hero thamuz terrible, definitely need support the build, For those of you who are interested in using heroes Thamuz, here we have a recommendation Build Thamuz, Thamuz Strongest Build. just go to read and in understanding.

The picture above is a recommendation the strongest Thamuz build hurts ala Zenva Mobile Legends that you can use. Of course, by using build that, then the damage from thamuz will be more sick when used. now, for item description, straight to see below!

Build Thamuz Strongest Hurt Season 22

1. Warrior Boots

This shoe item has passive that is, if you get hit by an attack basic attack, eating will add endurance from Physical is 5 to 25 and will last for 3 seconds.

2. War Ax

War Ax is now an item favorite, because its usefulness is to increase physical attack as well as physical penetration will be very useful if used on Hero fighter or Assassin.

items war axe will also give the user an effect passive, in the form of an increase in physical attack by 9 and physical penetration by 3 for 3 seconds Dstack up to 8 times. Not only that, if stuck war Ax full then it will add 15% movement speed, Op bet already this item.

3. Bloodlust Ax

Why most fighter buy items Bloodlust Ax?, because this item will provide an attribute in the form of a spell vamp of 20%. the spell vamp effect given to this item is quite a large number, especially if it is used on a Hero thamuz. Will make Hero Thamuz become more aggressive compared to before.

4. Queen’s Wings

This item has passive skills, that is, can reduce the damage it takes as big as 20% when hp is less than 40%, not only that but this item too give/improve Spell Vamp by 20% in progress for 5 seconds, This effect has Cooldown for 60 seconds.

5. Oracle

Unique Passive-Bless: Boost Shield and HP regen by 30%.

6. Rose Gold Meteor

Passive of this item is if the hero’s HP is below 30%, will get Shield the one that can absorb 510-1350 Damage increase as the level goes on, other than that items rose gold meteor this will increase magic defense by 25. Shield lasts for 3 seconds, this effect has Cooldown 40 seconds.

That’s Item Thamuz’s Strongest Pain Build mobile legends, I hope this article is very useful for you so that you can maximize Hero Thamuz by using build which are suitable.

Recommended Strongest Emblem Thamuz

This one emblem is very suitable for Hero Thamuz, because it increases attribute useful like physical attack, physical penetration, defense, and also mobile phone maximum.

the most important is the Spell Vamp, so therefore emblem set Thamuz the most recommended is festival of blood. Can you see on for Thamuz’s Strongest Emblem Setting.

Recommended Battle Spell Thamuz

Vengeance is a choice of spells that can be combined with your own skills Thamuz, because With the use of spell Vengeance which gives endurance damage reduction as much as 35%. And will damage the opponent by 50 + 25% damage received as magic damage for 3 seconds.

Of course by using battle spell this, then hero Thamuz will be strong to survive the opponent’s damage, besides that the greater the damage received Thamuz, the opponent can also receive a large magic damage. So never fight thamuz, When Thamuz use ulti + Vengeance yes guys. Your chance of victory is very small.

Recommended Combo Thamuz Hurts

Use skill one first in that direction wanted, then use skill two right towards target who wants killed / wanted, then use basic attack and skill one simultaneously. keep playing combo skill one and skill two, don’t forget also for basic attacks, that way the enemy will killed automatically.

Use skills ultimate when you fight more than two heroes yes!, if still duel or fight mechanic better saved, because if duel Hero thamuz it is sure to win, if you play the passive correctly. Ez is really really good 🙂

The advantages of Hero Thamuz

1. Has Additional High True Damage

2. Excellent Mobility

3. Has Very Strong Durability

4. Ultimate Skill that is very Over Power

Weaknesses of Hero Thamuz

1. No Crowd Control

2. Always in the gang when fighting mechanics

3. Not suitable for beginners

4. Very Weak Against Opponent CC

For the gameplay, you can watch the video below, guys. Enjoyyy

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