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Valentina Tutorial and Tips for Using Hero Valentina in Mobile Legends

Tips for Using Hero Valentina

Valentina is one of the new Mobile Legends heroes, who can take skills ultimate opponent’s.

If you are faced with an opponent who his ultimate skill strong like Yu Zhong or Chou, then Valentine can be a very annoying hero when team fight. This hero doesn’t really need high mechanics, so you can use Valentina’s hero.

For those of you who are studying heroes Valentine, This time Zenva will give a little knowledge for you, so you can maximize Hero Valentine With Good and right. Just read on 🙂

You can also watch the video below, if you don’t understand the explanation of this article.

7 tips and tricks Using Hero Valentina

1. Learn the 4 Skills of Hero Valentina

Valentina's Skills

– Passive – Primal Force (Buff/Heal)

Valentine will get EXP every time Skills Valentina hits the enemy hero, not only that. If the enemy hero’s level is lower or equal to Valentine, the damage dealt Will get lifesteal.

– Skill 1 – Shadow Strike (Damage/CC)

Valentine launches a Shadow Stick forward, dealing 350(+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemy affected and slow down them by 40% for 1 second.

The skill also gives stack for 4 seconds to the enemy hero who caught, if the enemy is hit by skill 1 again then the enemy will experience the effect confused for 1 second.

– Skill 2 – Arcane Shade (Blink/Buff)

Valentine dash in the specified direction and shoot 3 balls to the enemy closest,

Every time ball that about enemy hero, the cooldown of skill 1 will be reduce 1 second and this skill can be cast 2 times. Skill 2 can be combo with skill 1, so you have to be good at using skill 2.

– Ultimate Skill – I Am You (Morph/Slowed)

Valentine suck the power of the affected enemy hero Ultimate skills, the distance of this skill is quite far, besides Valentine also slows down those affected ultimate skills by 60% for 3 seconds.

The power sucked from the enemy, allowing valentina to imitate Ultimate skills enemy who can used within 15 seconds.

When using Ultimate skills opponent’s, Valentine will changed being an opponent is not only that but Valentine also received their basic attack type, if Valentina’s opponent is a physical damage Hero, Valentina will get an additional physical attack based on her magic power until he returns to resurrected.

By the way, Hero op is bad, cuyy, this Hero will definitely get nerfed by Moonton.

2. Pay attention to Mana Usage


When you use a hero Valentine, you should see which, because use skills valentine really drain where.

Valentina is required to use skill 1 and skill 2 so that you can repay the enemy’s blood, As a precaution, you must buy Demon Shoes or enchanted Talisman Just choose one, if you don’t want it buy one of the two items, you can replace it with clock of destiny and lightning trunk.

It’s not really fun, for example, if your blood is full, but where does it run out, so you can’t join the war, okay?

3. Best Build Valentina

Build Valentine

The picture above is a recommendation Best Build Valentina, which you can use. Of course, by using this build, the damage from Valentine It will hurt more when used.

For the most painful build, Valentina mobile legends, you can press this text, okay 🙂

Well, for an explanation of the item, just take a look below!

First Item Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots Items

These shoes will add 40 movement speed and 10 magical pens.

Enchanted Talisman’s Second Item

Items Enchanted Talisman

Valentine will get +50 Magic Power, +250 Hp, +20% Cooldown Reduction. In addition, this item will also get 2 passive that is.

Unique Passive-Mana Spring: regenerates 15% of max mana every 10 seconds overall.

Unique Passive-Magic Mastery: max Cooldown reduction increased by 5%.

Third Item Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal Items

By buying this item you will get +100 magic power, besides this item has passive that is.

Unique Passive-Mystery: Increases magic attack by 21% to 35%, increases with level.

Fourth Item Necklace Of Durance

Item Necklace Of Durance

This item is often referred to as NODO, Yep this item gives +60 Magic Power, +5% Cooldown Reduction, +10% Magical Lifesteal, besides this item also has passive that is.

Unique Passive-Life Drain: after dealing damage using a skill to the target, it will reduce Shield and HP REGEN of the target hit by the skill, by 50% for 3 seconds.

Fifth Item Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive Items

This item will give Valentine +65 magic power and adds Attribute +35% Magical PEN, not only that but this item also has passive that is.

Unique Passive-SpellBreaker: Every magic defense the opponent has will increase Penetration by 0.1% When dealing damage to him, limited to 20%.

The Sixth Item Genius Wand

Last item Valentine this will give +75 magic power and +5% movement speed, besides that you also get Attribute +10 Magical PEN. This item also has passive.

Unique Passive-Magic: Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce their magic defense by 2-9 Scale By Level. This effect lasts for 2 seconds, Can be Stack up to 3 times.

4. Combo skill hero Valentina

Use it skill 1 towards the enemy already determined, then use skill 2 towards enemy, skill 2 can be cast, so you have to hit it, right? so skill 1 of Valentine will Reduce, after that skill 1 again and enemy will be hit Confused Effect.

You have to be smart use skill 1 and skill 2, to make it easier in installments opponent’s blood, Keep it up combo this way the enemy will dead automatically. Ultimate skills only use it when needed!

5. War Tips Using Hero Valentina

When you play Hero Valentine, make sure you take a safe position before war or want gank against. If you origin going forward, it’s confirmed that you will dead early, because Hero Valentine this is very weak when faced with Hero instant kill as Assassin.

So when you use a hero Valentine, you better aim for the Hero weak which has Durability lowest like mage, marksman or whatever support, don’t aim fighter first, let alone Hero tank.

The point is when you want to kill a strong Hero, don’t forget to bring a friend, ehehe boiii.

6. Setting the Pained Valentina Emblem

Valentine's Emblem Settings

The picture above is Valentina mage emblem set which you can use, Valentine more suitable to use the emblem Magic Worship.

By using the emblem Magic Worship, What we can be certain of is Valentine will get damage very high. Who can even kill his opponent with very easy, compared with emblem other.

7. Recommended Battel Spell Valentina

There is 2 Types of Battle Spell that can be used by Hero Valentine, that is for attack and also as defense/escape.

1.) If you want to use a hero Valentine with battle spell damage, Flameshot is the solution.

By using Flameshot you can fire missiles that deliver magic damage, On the other hand Flameshot causes a slow effect and not only that, Flameshot also cause effect knockback or pushed back against an opponent who closest.

The point is that you can use this one battle spell to attack nor endure.

Battle Spell Flameshot

2.) If you are dying using a hero Valentine then you want to run away, Flicker is the solution.

By using battle spell Flicker, you can easily move place to where you want. distance from Flicker also quite far, which you can use for blurry when you are dying.

You can also use Flicker for Chase enemy or freestyle.

Battel Spell Flicker

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Hopefully this article can increase your skills


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