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Auto Mvp! This is the Strongest Aamon Build in Mobile Legends

Item Build Aamon

Hero assassin named Aamon this is Brother Gusion, aamon have sufficient ability unique, that is he can not visible when he uses skill.

Hero Aamon this can be very scary if played with the right person, because with his passive skill which can make him not visible every time he uses skill, it’s clear. With this ability, it’s definitely a hero Aamon will be free to kidnap heroes who have low blood, such as support, marksman, mage and hyper.

Besides not visible aamon will also get stack every time aamon hit, if stack it’s full then damage from ultimate Hero aamon this is very sick, what makes enemy direct dead with one combo.

For those of you who are interested in using heroes Aamon, here we are Aamon’s Tersakit build recommendation, Best Build Aamon. just read and understand.

You can use this build

The picture above is a recommendation build aamon hurts ala Zenva Mobile Legends that you can use. Of course, by using build that, then the damage from Aamon It will hurt more when used. Well, for item description, just watch below yes!


Best Hurt Aamon Build

1. Behemoth Hunter’s Arcane Boots

These shoes are perfect for Aamon, because apart from Adding magic damage, these shoes also When hitting the opponent’s hero: flame retrieval will give true damage to the target during 3 seconds (damage increased by 100% for non-marksman).

2. Calamity Reaper

Passive skills which comes from this Calamity Reaper item, obtained after using basic attack, then the next basic attack can have an effect true damage which is equivalent to 120% Magic Attack.

Isn’t this very suitable for heroes aamon, aside from that Cooldown the effect of this item can only last for 1.5 seconds. In addition, movement speed can be increase briefly as much as 10% when this item’s passive skill active.

3. Feather Of Heaven

This magic item will make attack speed hero aamon getting faster, very suitable for the third item AamonIn addition, this item will also provide additional effects passive skills.

Passive skill which is to give 40% of the hero’s magic attack, as Magic additional damage. with this passive, it will be very easy to kill the opponent.

4. Holy Crystal

This item will increase magic attack by 21% up to you 35%, increases with time level.

Holy Crystal can be called item strongest magic, because passive from this item can Increases all Magic Attack up to 35% of the total purchased Magic Power. This item will make Damage From Hero Aamon craze.

5. Concentrated Energy

Hero Aamon also need lifesteal so therefore concentrated energy is the solution, Item Concentrated Energy very suitable for use when the game has started to enter mid game, because addition base stats as well as effects passive The skill of this item can be very helpful for players when they are in a gameplay.

Because by buying items concentrated energy so Aamon will get attribute as big as +25 magic lifesteal not only that we also get passive from items concentrated energy, unique passive recharge: beat Opponent hero to recover HP by 10%.

6. Divine Glaive

This item is very useful for Hero Aamon, because this item is used against heroes tanks/fighters who has magic resistance thick. Items have magic pen which is quite large. On the other hand, the passive will increase magic pen equal to 0.1% of the opponent’s magical defense and limited to 20%. Therefore this item becomes a mandatory item Aamon in late games.

That’s the build item for Aamon hero mobile legends, I hope this article is very useful for you, so you can maximize Hero Aamon by using a suitable build.


Recommended Emblem Sick Aamon

Even though Aamon is a role assassin, don’t forget that Aamon is a Mage damage, so my advice if you use the hero Aamon, the appropriate emblem for Aamon is magic worship. the picture above is perfect for the Aamon emblem set. Good luck:)

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