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What is Poaching in PUBG, here are the interesting facts

What is Poaching in PUBG

What is Poaching in PUBG – There are many special terms that are often found in the world of esports. Like the term poaching which is being discussed by PUBG game fans. This term relates to players, in the realm of esports, which is about pro players. The topic of poaching this time is related to one of the new members of the EVOS team, namely Microboy.

Many netizens suspect that Microboy is a victim of poaching by the EVOS team. Of course, this news immediately shocked the PUBG game lover community. So what exactly is Poaching in PUBG? To find out the complete answer and facts. Read the following discussion to the end.

Poaching is actually not only used in pubg games, but more in the realm of the esports world as a whole. Previously, this term was widely used in the conventional sports world. Then about the topic of pubg poaching which is heating up at the moment, due to the alleged poaching experienced by Microboy, one of the talented pubg pro players in Indonesia. What does poaching actually mean?

Poaching is a term from English which, if interpreted as piracy, leads to illegal or illegal actions. The connection with the realm of esports is about player piracy. This poaching is mostly done by esports teams to recruit players from other teams, but does not contact the management, but directly to the players. So you could say recruiting players secretly, without the management knowing.

Of course these actions are illegal, and include contract breaches. This can also create problems for the players involved, as it could be a breach of contract. In addition, the team that does poaching will also get sanctions and a bad image in the esports community. The best way to recruit players, is to buy out or wait until the player’s contract with the old team runs out.

  • Causes of Poaching

From the points above, of course, you already know the general picture of poaching in the world of esports. The occurrence of poaching is certainly caused by certain factors. One of the factors is, because of the desire of two parties, namely the poaching team and the invited players. For the players themselves, those who want to accept the offer are usually because the offer is higher than the poaching team. Or because they don’t want to play with the old team.

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  • Several Cases of Alleged Poaching

Poaching cases do not only occur in domestic esports, similar cases also often occur internationally. And it’s always been a serious problem. Several cases of alleged poaching have occurred several times in Indonesia. Some examples are the Boobs players from The Pillar who are suspected of being involved in poaching. Then there is the inspiration of Susugajah from GGWP who is suspected of being involved in poaching with the EVOS Esports team.

Another alleged poaching case that is currently busy is Microboy who joined EVOS Esports. Regarding this allegation, the former Bigetron RA player has issued a clarification that he is not involved in poaching with the EVOS team. Microboy also confirmed that his contract with Bigetro RA had indeed ended in December 2021. His move to EVOS was also known by the previous management.

That was an interesting review about What is Poaching in PUBG. Hopefully in the future cases like poaching can be reduced in the realm of esports in the country. That’s all for this article, see you on the topic of the next newest game.

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