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How to Change Mlbb Account, Here are the Easy Steps -

How to Change Mlbb Account

How to Change Mlbb Account – To be able to play online games, each player must first create an account. This also applies when playing mobile legends. This account is used to store game data that has been done. Nowadays, it is common for one player to have more than one ml game account. Of course, every player has a specific goal by creating more accounts.

For example, for the purposes of leveling up, or for other purposes. In addition to having more than one account, sometimes players feel bored and want to change accounts. In connection with this topic, this time we will explain how to change the Mlbb Account the easiest and fastest way. New ml players should pay attention to this important information.

  • The Easiest and Fastest Way to Change Mlbb Account

Changing the mobile legends game account is very easy. It doesn’t take long, in a matter of minutes you can change your ml account. How to? Follow these instructions,

  1. The first step that must be done is, of course, opening the mobile legends game, and logging in. After logging in and entering the lobby then open the profile menu
  2. How to open the profile menu is by clicking on the mobile legends game profile photo icon in the upper left corner of the game screen. After entering the menu, you will find various options. To change accounts, open the account menu option at the bottom row.
  3. After entering the account menu, you will see the login method data that can be used on the player account. To continue the account change process, click on the “switch account” option on the right side of the screen.
  4. Next, a pop up window will appear containing a list of account login methods, namely via moonton account, google play games, facebook, or VK account. If you use a Moonton account, you must enter your email address and password on your Moonton account. If you use another login method, it can be done automatically. What needs to be noted is that the selected social media must have been bin with the new mobile legends game account that has been created.
  • Mobile Legends Account Change Terms

To be able to change the mobile legends account, there are several conditions that must be met. That is, don’t log out of the game if you haven’t done account binding. Binding is linking the mobile legends game player account with the provided social media account. In mobile legends, there are four choices for social media accounts that can be created with ml game accounts. Namely Facebook, Google Play Store Games, VK, and Moonton. Then how to bind the account?

The method is quite easy, first login in the mobile legends game, then open the profile menu, then account settings. After that, an option will appear to link the account with Google Play, Moonton, Facebook, and VK. Just choose which account you want to compare with, after just clicking the green button with the words “Associate Account”. After that it will be automatically generated, specifically for the Moonton account, you must enter the Moonton email address and password first.

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That’s the easiest and fastest way to Change Mlbb Account. In order not to be confused, just apply the method above. If you just read the guide, you’ll still be a bit confused. So it’s better to just practice. That’s all for this game article, get another latest game info in the next article.

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