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War Themed Paid Games On Android Get Here

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Paid games are one type of game that is quite in demand and played by ordinary people. You can find many types of popular paid games on Android smartphones with various categories and genres of games. You can find types of games with your favorite genre in paid popular games. Although most popular games provide offline games, the offline games provided are not inferior to online games which are also widely played at this time. One of the most popular game genres or categories in popular paid games is the war-themed action genre. Many games are provided with cool and cheap war themes and some of them have been provided below. Please check the full review of the best Android war theme paid games in full directly below.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The first most popular paid game that you need to know and also play on an Android smartphone is Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour. You may already know this war game. War games on android smartphones that are quite famous and seem real can be your choice. You can get a high and best graphic display in this war-themed game. Modern combat 4 has various game categories, namely adventure and action. You can play alone or with friends or multiplayer or play with a team. You will feel the chaos of the real war and also the game animation with spectacular graphics. The application size of the modern combat 4 game is quite large and you need to pay attention to the specifications of the android smartphone you have.

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Assassin’s Creed Identity

The next popular paid game on Android is Assassin’s Creed Identity. This game is a game that is quite popular and is also quite popular. Since the release of the game Assassin’s Creed Identity for the first time on an Android smartphone, this game has become the number 8 trending game on the Play Store. Many ordinary people are interested in playing this assassin’s creed game. In this game, you will take on the role of a hitman during the royal period. There are many missions and challenges that you must complete until you are successful to continue on to the next more exciting mission. The missions provided are of course themed with ancient weapons wars which are very exciting and exciting.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

The last popular paid game with the best war theme on Android smartphones is Grand theft auto san andreas. Success on PS 2 or play station 2, the game GTA san andreas has been released by Rokstar Games with a mobile version on Android smartphones. You can enjoy a gangster game that is quite exciting with many missions that you have to complete, including war missions with other gangsters. You can get a lot of fun in the GTA san andreas game. You can go through a long gangster story in various cities and regions. You will meet many friends and foes in this game.

Thus a full review of paid games with a very exciting war theme on Android smartphones. Just download and play the best war-themed games above. Don’t miss the excitement of the games that have been reviewed. Immediately download and enjoy a lot of exciting fun.

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