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What Is Micro Macro ML That's Popular These Days

What is Micro Macro ML

What is Mikro Makro ML – Discussing the current favorite MOBA game, of course mobile legends are included in the list. Among the many existing moba games, mobile legends is the most favorite in Indonesia. This game has been played by many players, from children, teenagers, to adults.

Regarding the game, lately fans have been busy discussing the terms micro and macro in ml games. What is Micro Macro ML? For old players, of course, they already know what the term means. Well, for new players who still don’t know, you should see the full information in the discussion below.

Micro and macro are terms that are often used in life, including in the game world. This micro and macro is not only used in mobile legends games. In other moba games such as Dota2, there are also micro and macro. Then what exactly is the meaning of micro and macro that are often heard when playing mobile legends? In simple terms, micro ml is hero mastery. Then macro ml is map mastery. For more clarity, see the explanation in the next point. We will discuss what is micro ml and what is macro ml. So read this article till the end.

  • What is Micro in Mobile Legends

Micro mobile legends means mastery of heroes in the game. The point is to master the use of skills from the hero used, as well as the use of roles, and the selection of the right lane. In other words, players who are proficient in micro ml can definitely master and use the hero that is played to the maximum. So this is the player’s ability to manage the hero that is played correctly and maximally. By being able to use hero skills correctly, then being able to adjust the hero according to the lane, and being able to use the role appropriately. Automatically you can become a good player.

  • Tips for Boosting Micro ML

If you can be good at micro ml, it will definitely benefit yourself. Regarding this, we will share tips on increasing macros from pro player Oura (MVP M1). According to Oura, the most effective way to increase your micro level is to keep playing and playing often. This method will make the player’s hands more shrewd and accustomed to using the hero used. So the point is to be diligent in practicing or playing.

  • What is Macro in Mobile Legends

Macro mobile legends means mastery of the map in the game. Players who understand and master the map well, of course, are good at macro ml. With macro skills, players will find it easier to predict the arrival and movement of enemies. So you can avoid enemy attacks. In addition, wave creep is also included in the macro ml list. If you master this, you can easily control the flow of the game.

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  • Tips for Boosting ML Macros

Being good at macro will certainly be very profitable in battle. Players will be able to provide more accurate information to their squad mates. Well, to be able to increase the macro ml, there are some effective tips. First, diligently playing, then the next tip is to diligently watch mobile legends tournaments.

Both micro and macro ml are two important things needed to become a pro player mobile legends. Well, that was interesting info about What is Micro Macro ML. Use the effective tips above to become good at macro and micro so that you can win battles more easily.

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