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What is IGL PUBG, the Most Exciting Info -

what is IGL PUBG

What is IGL PUBG – In the PUBG mobile game, players can form squads or teams to compete with other teams. Players can also take part in pubg mobile tournaments with their team. In a pubg team, of course, there are several roles for each member. Each role certainly has its own obligations.

One of the vital roles is IGL. For pubg fans, you must be familiar with this term. IGL stands for In Game Leader which means leader. For those who want to know more about IGL PUBG, please see the following interesting article.

In Game Leader / IGL is a term that often appears in the world of esports, namely to refer to a leader position in a team. IGL PUBG is a team leader in pubg games. This role is very important and has a big impact on the team. There are many tasks to be done by IGL. One of them is to provide direction to team members during the game. IGL’s task is not easy, therefore not all players are suitable for this role. To find out more about Pubg’s IGL tasks, see the next point.

As mentioned above, there are many IGL Pubg tasks, what are they? Here is the complete information,

  1. Giving Directions – a leader must be able to give directions to each giving him, when to rotate, when to attack, enter the zone, defend, and when to commit push towards the opponent’s target. The point is pubg IGL must be able to make the right decisions for the good of the team.
  2. Memorize Locations and Compounds – the leader must also memorize locations and compounds in a match. The percentage of a team’s chance of winning will increase if the leader understands the location. The leader also has the task of tracking the enemy’s position. So that it can determine the exact time of attack.
  3. Evaluate – when the result of the match does not go as expected, aka lose. So as a leader, you must evaluate each team member. That way, the members can make improvements so they can play better in the next match.

Becoming a pubg IGL is not an easy thing. Don’t just be an IGL, be a good IGL so you can bring the team to become champions. In order to become a good IGL, here are some tips that can be used,

  • Able to Think Fast – A leader must be able to make decisions quickly and be able to observe the game situation. That way you can make the best decisions for the team. Additional tips to be able to make the right decisions, you also have to be good at reading kill feeds, mini maps, and predicting the direction of the circle.
  • Must Be Flexible – A good leader must be flexible in dealing with various competitive conditions. For that, you must prepare a lot of plans.
  • Capable of Multiple Tasks – A reliable pubg IGL capable of multiple tasks. Namely being a scout and a rusher. Scouts are tasked with observing the surrounding area and finding out the enemy’s position. Rusher duty to be bait or distract the enemy. Both the scout and the rusher are players in the forward position.

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That’s an interesting review of What Is IGL PUBG. For additional information, you should hone your skills first so that you can become the best IGL with superior skills. Well, that’s all the pubg game information this time, see you in the next article.

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