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Tips for Success in Increasing Sanity in the Don't Starve Game

Don't Starve

The game don’t starve is a game that has a fairly high level of difficulty. So every action you take in the game will of course have its own consequences. But with this, it will certainly make some players will be depressed. And this of course will also make the players experience various obstacles when playing the game. Sanity in the game don’t starve is the main game system in the game. The system has a brain symbol located at the top right of the screen. Sanitation you have can also be reduced when you are near monsters, eating rotten food, or at night. if the sanitation you have is drastically reduced Of course it requires you to fight some regular Shadows or monsters that appear when you have low sanity. Here are some tips that you can use to improve your sanity in the game.

Create Equipment

The first tip to help you improve sanity in the game dont starve you are playing. You can make some equipment for you to use in mining the stones in the game. You can also use the AX tool to cut down the trees that you will use for materials in the game. To be able to use the tools in the game you can Right Click or by moving the tab menu with the right analog stick. So you can use these equipment to increase the sanity in the games you play. If you can succeed then you can survive in the game of course.

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Collecting Various Materials To Survive

The second tip, if you already have equipment, then you can collect various kinds of materials that you need to survive in the game. Make sure when you cut down a tree you will get a log of the tree. Because this is what you really need to make a science machine. In addition, you can also collect the stones contained in the boulder to make a Science machine or other items you need. In addition you can also use cut grass to get the grass clippings you need as a bonfire or torch in playing the game.

Improve Sanity With Sleep

The last tip you can also increase the sanity in the game by sleeping. The way you can collect food in sufficient quantities. When you sleep, of course, it will improve the health and fitness of your body. So this will certainly make you more refreshed when you wake up. Therefore you certainly have to make sure that you have plenty of food before you fall asleep. This is because when you wake up of course you will be hungry and need food to eat. So with a lot of food supplies can prevent your hunger when you wake up. So you can last a long time playing the game.

Those are a variety of tips that you can use to improve sanity when playing the game don’t starve. So these tips are certainly very helpful for you to be able to survive when playing the game. Some of these tips are of course also very easy for you to apply and for you to understand in helping you to improve the sanity of the game. So this is also very helpful for you to keep your sanity high in the game.

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