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Raising Adventure Class E Ragnarok Mobile Here's the Trick -

Adventure Class E Ragnarok Mobile

In playing Ragnarok Mobile, especially for beginners, ways or tricks to increase the adventure class e ragnarok mobile will definitely be very useful. For beginners, raising the class may be a difficult thing because they have never been. Unlike the old players who have often played games like this and can quickly adjust. Beginners will usually only use the instructions provided by the game which are sometimes not fully understood.

For beginners, usually raising the adventure class is very easy. especially with class e which is the lowest class. Players only need to level up to level 10, meet NPCs, and some items that can be obtained very easily. What makes it difficult for beginners is usually going back and forth from one NPC to another and also collecting items that they don’t know where to find them. This is what usually complains of making the game difficult. However, if you already know and enjoy this game, the mission to go up a class that is a little challenging can be fun in itself.

  1. Meet Lord Knight

First, players can report to Lord Knight with a green quest in West Mount Mjolnirr. Just talk and then a quest to raise the class will appear. Take the quest. Then proceed with taking ghosting photos.

  1. Give Items According to Quest

After that, give the NPC the item according to the request listed. There are 5 magic wands, 5 camouflage scrolls, and 2 smokey leaves. There are already clues where this item can be found. When finished the player can talk to the NPC from Mount Mjolnirr.

  1. Report to the NPC in North Prontera

After all tasks have been completed properly, you can report to the last NPC west of Prontera. Make sure there are quest clues that point to it. If not, there must be some steps that have not been implemented and must be implemented first. Finally, after this quest is complete, the player’s account will immediately upgrade to the adventure class above.

Those are some ways or tricks to increase the adventure class E ragnarok mobile. In this way players can understand little by little the ways provided by the game to get up from class e. for those who are still having trouble understanding which NPC, players can use an auto walk that will guide where the quest should be reported. So there’s no need to look for existing NPCs anymore.

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