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Sausage Man Gyro & No Gyro Sensitivity, Info Here -

Sausage Sensitivity

Sausage Man Gyro & No Gyro . Sensitivity – Sausage man can be a recommendation for the latest battle royal game that you must try. For those who are bored with the current battle royal game, then dipXD Entertainment Pte Ltdage man is able to provide a new atmosphere even though they both present the battle royal genre. The concept used in this game is very different from the standard battle royal game in general.

This is also what makes sausage man go viral and has been downloaded millions of times in a short period of time. In playing survival and battle royal games, of course, you need to set the sensitivity appropriately. For that, here is interesting information about Sausage Man Gyro & No Gyro . Sensitivity.

Sausage Man Gyro & No Gyro . Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a familiar term in action, survival, battle royal, and similar genre games. That is related to the settings on the weapon so that it can launch shots more accurately. In playing the game sausage man, the players also need to adjust the sensitivity. In this game there are two types of sensitivity settings used, namely the Gyro and No Gyro versions. In general, how to set the sensitivity in this game is simpler.

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Gyro sensitivity means that the movement in the game also coincides with the movement of the device. So when the smartphone is tilted to the right, the character’s point of view will also change according to the tilt of the smartphone. So players don’t need to swipe the screen while playing. No gyro is the opposite of gyro, so even if the device makes a move, the character will not be affected. This means that you still have to slide the screen.

How to Set Gyro Sensitivity in Sausage Man

After understanding what is gyro and no gyro sensitivity. Next, here are the best gyro sensitivity settings when playing sausage man,

  1. No Scope 170%
  2. 2x scope 180%
  3. 4x scope 135%
  4. 8x scope 120%
  5. Red Dot 165%
  6. 3x scope 150%
  7. 6x scope 250%
  8. 15x scope 100%

The sensitivity settings above are the easiest for beginner levels. If you feel less and want to improve again then increase each setting to 20% again. The important thing is to adjust to personal comfort. For how to set the sensitivity above, you can enter the menu select map -> train party -> private train ground -> enter range -> click the gear icon -> then enter the sensitivity menu and change the settings. Once done, the settings will be automatically saved.

How to Set No Gyro Sensitivity in Sausage Man

The way to set the No Gyro sensitivity is also the same, starting from opening the map select menu to entering the sensitivity menu. The sensitivity settings are as follows:

  1. Global sensitivity 105%
  2. No Scope 175%
  3. 2x scopes 160%
  4. 4x scope 150%
  5. 8x scope 110%
  6. Red Dot 165%
  7. 3x scope 155%
  8. 6x scope 145%
  9. 15 scopes 100%

And again, you can adjust the above settings again to be as comfortable as possible to make it easier to shoot accurately.

For additional info, if you want a faster push rank, it’s better if you use the no gyro sensitivity setting. Well, that’s the information that can be reviewed about Sausage Man Gyro & No Gyro . Sensitivity. Hopefully it can be useful for readers.

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