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How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love Auto Sultan -

Zeny at Ragnarok M

Ragnarok lovers, of course, or what is Zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, right?. Yep, Zeny is a currency transaction tool that has an important role for players in this game. Zeny can be used to meet the playing needs of players, such as upgrading equipment, capturing pets, crafting and so on. If you are an old player and still find it difficult to get Zeny, maybe you haven’t found the right way to get it or even are still not optimal in utilizing the potential of the character you are playing. For those of you who still find it difficult, here are some ways that you can use to get Zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, to get rich quick. Let’s just look at the following explanation:

Grinding on Weak Monsters

The most profitable way for you to get Zeny is by killing weak monsters. This you need to do because killing monsters at each level does not provide a significant difference in the amount of Zeny. So it would be better if you can kill a lot of weak monsters than one monster that is difficult to knock out. To kill a large number of weak monsters in a short time, you need to improve the skill of killing enemies in one hit or a hit that can hit many enemies in one area at once.

Farming Materials

The next way to get Zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is by farming materials. Because you certainly already know that to get the items needed to complete quests and crafting has a fairly expensive price. So to be able to get Zeny quickly you need to collect certain materials on a regular basis. For example, if you have a Whitesmith then the number of items you can get can increase by 20% much more.

Making and Selling Owned Equipment

If you have more materials or materials, then you can make your own equipment. If you can create good equipment, then you can sell it at a high price to get more Zeny. For example, if you use materials to make equipment like Quiver which can be sold at a fairly large price. Previously, you need to regularly monitor what type of equipment is currently having the best price on the Assistant. So you can determine what type of equipment you can make, to get more Zey

Looking for Cards

The classic way in the Ragnarok game that you can do to get Zeny is to look for cards, Finding Zeny in this way has been applied since Ragnarok in the previous series. For example, if you can get a Skeleton Archer monster card that can be sold for up to six million Zeny or even more (if the price hasn’t changed).

Doing MVP Hunting

MVP hunting is a game trick used by pro players to find rare items that are only issued by very tough monsters. This method can only be done for special characters such as Champion characters and Lord Knights. So don’t be surprised if players want to do MVP hunting and work together to defeat just one monster so they can produce lots of Zeny.

Pet Adventure

Hiring pets can be another resource that you can use to get Zeny. You only need to use some of the adventure meatballs to assemble materials for sale (crafting). However, you need to pay attention to what criteria are needed from each map and must also be adjusted to your pet in order to get a chest containing rare items.

Complete Daily Quests

The next way that you can use to get Zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is to complete the daily quest. Daily quests like Monster Resistance and Massage Board can give you a large amount of Zeny. Especially if you can get the Bag of Zeny in daily quests, then you will get rich faster because one item in it can be exchanged for two thousand Zeny.

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