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The Basic Things A Tanker Must Master in Mobile Legends

For those of you who are learning to use a tanker/tb type hero in mobile legends, then it’s a good idea for you to read a little guide from me regarding the basic things that you must understand or master when using a tanker type hero.

What is a tanker hero in mobile legends?

The tanker hero is a hero who has a stronger defensive resistance from enemy attacks compared to other types of heroes such as mage, fighter, support, marksman etc. Usually the tanker hero has more blood and is able to withstand stronger opponent attacks.

So the tanker hero is a hero who always receives more enemy attacks and when he is in war he will always be in front of receiving the opponent’s attack. Because the tanker is a TB hero, this hero is automatically equipped with a strong defend.

Now from the little explanation above about the tanker hero, here I will give you the basic things that you must master when using the tanker hero in mobile legends

1. Acting out the tanker function in the game

What is the function of the tanker? because tankers are tb heroes so when you play with tankers you must always be in front. But remember, in front of this, it’s always in front, but in this case, it’s in front of the war.

It means being tb during war, meaning that if you are still in a position to start your war, the tanker can be in front and can be hidden or even behind, but at the time of war you must be ready to accept enemy attacks.

Do I have to sacrifice myself for the team? yep right but die the right way

What’s the right way to die? dying is beneficial for the team, so don’t let the death of the tanker hero not benefit your team. For example, you go alone to the enemy tower while your team is not ready for war.

Can I run during war? yes of course who can say the hero tanker must die in every war. But when you run from war there is also a time

When is the time for tankers to run from war? the right time to leave to save yourself is when your blood is dying or in the sense of just one hit you are dead. But you don’t just run straight back to base. tanker run means moving away from the war area (to restore blood using a heal spell or waiting for your mana to return so you can use skills) and if possible you can enter the war area again to help your team or if it’s not possible you can return to base to return your blood.

Tankers can also function as war openers such as tanker heroes such as tigreal, he will come forward to lure the enemy to attack him and if he is pressed, he will run to his team so that the enemy chases him.

2. Master your tanker hero skills

Now this is a very important part in playing with hero tankers. You have to master every skill your hero has, from passive skills to active skills.

What are passive and active skills? Passive skills are skills that must be clicked when using them while active skills are skills that automatically run if they meet the requirements.

After you master the function of each skill, you must know when to use the skill and how to use it so that the skill when released is useful.

For example, a tanker hero like tigreal has 1 active skill (fearless) and 3 passive skills (attack wave, sacred hammer, implosion). For example, this sacred hammer skill, you have to know how to use it, where this skill will make Tigreal run fast and the hero it passes will be pushed as far as this sacred hammer skill area. how to use this skill each player may have different techniques so that this skill works a lot if I usually try to lure the enemy to attack me and when there is a good opportunity I will move behind the hero and then push the hero near my tower or to the near my team so that the enemy is attacked by the tower and the team. So you have to master each function of the skill and how to use it. So that the skill is useful for your hero and also your team.

3. Become a leader in the game

The tanker hero is a hero who must be in war so the tanker must always give command when going to war or when the opponent’s hero’s buttocks. so you have to invite your team when going to war lest you are not in war.

So, those are some tips that you must master when you become a tanker hero. And don’t be humble when you become a tanker because without a tanker, the chances of your team winning will be very slim.

Regards ML

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