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Is this a Cheat in Mobile Legends?

Welcome to the Mobile Games Indonesia blog. Here I will share various information about this is a cheat in Mobile Legends?. Hopefully useful for you. If there is anything you want to ask, please comment. And if you like this post, please click the share button below. Thank you..! 😉

Is it true that there are cheats in the mobile legends game? Everything lags, the red signal continues, the movement hero is broken and can’t move, then someone shouts saying someone is using cheats in mobile legends. Is that really a cheat?

Is it true that anyone is using cheats? Could be yes, it could also not. because the lag is influenced by many factors that can make your signal red and even your hero can’t be controlled.

Here I will provide information on what is the cause of the lag. So if you are lagging, don’t blame other players and accuse other players of using cheats without clear evidence. Here are the causes of the lag:

1. Internet connection
This is the main factor causing lag/movement delay/broken. This internet connection depends on the provider you are using. Those who still use an internet connection from a card/broadband provider will often experience problems with connection problems, especially if the signal is not yet 4G.

2. Mobile Legend Down Game Server
A down server will also make the game lag. Too many players who are online and playing matches make the mobile games server not strong enough to handle all the processes sent to the server, causing the server to go down. Large traffic makes the server not run well so the game becomes lag.

3. The Player’s Own Factor
Mobile legends is a game that requires a large memory to play it, so if your memory is not sufficient it will cause lag, such as your hero moving on its own and the navigation button can’t be clicked or other buttons don’t work, it’s usually because your smartphone is not strong enough to play these games.

These are the factors that cause game lag, so there is no need to make a fuss or berate other players if there is a lag. Or accusing someone of cheating because it’s not certain if it’s a cheat or something else.

So the lag in the game is still not certain if it’s a cheat or another player’s cheating. keep calm, hopefully the lag will disappear and you can play well and win the game.

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