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Guide: How to Play Tanker with Tigreal Hero (Mobile Legends)

Most mobile legends players when they pick their heroes will scramble to play a hero with the marksman type. And sometimes even for young players (players who have their own will) they will not give up even though there are already 2 or 3 pick marksman they don’t want to change to take a hero who is not in the team. If you play with a formation like this, it’s only luck that makes your team win the game.

Well this time I will not talk about heroes with the marksman type but I will give a few tips on how to play with the tanker hero, Tigreal the tanker and the initiator in the game (war opener).

Tanker heroes are mostly underestimated in matches and even considered useless in the game. But you tanker users don’t have to worry about that, play according to the tanker function in the match.

Tigreal Skills
Tigreal has 1 passive skill (fearless) and 3 active skills (Attack wave, sacred hammer, and implosion)

1. Fearless

Each attack from Tigreal will increase the physical strength and defense of magic-type attacks. This skill has 5 layers. To increase it, you don’t have to attack the enemy but by doing combat moves you can also increase the layer of this skill.

2. Attack Wave

Tigereal will slash his sword at the enemy, the slash of the sword from this attack wave skill will emit a light effect where if the enemy is hit by this light slash it will cause the enemy’s movement to slow down 65% for 2s and also give 350 pts of effect damage to the enemy.

Use this skill to repay the enemy’s blood and can also be used to chase the enemy because if hit by this skill it will slow down the enemy. This skill can also be used to last hit enemies whose blood is low.

3. Sacred Hammer

The sacred hammer skill is a skill that when used will make tigeral move quickly where every hero that is passed from this skill will be carried over to the direction of tigreal releasing this skill. And when this skill is finished there is an additional skill that can be used again that will make the enemy float in a few seconds.

When using this skill, approach the enemy, just hold the attack received and step behind the enemy hero then push the enemy hero towards your team or to your tower.

The sacred hammer skill is also used to escape from the enemy. with this skill the tigreal hero will be able to escape from the enemy.

4. Implosion

This is the ulti of tigreal where tigreal will stick his sword into the ground and nearby enemies will be attracted to the sword, the enemy affected by the skill will be damaged 340 pts and give a stun effect for 1.5s.

How to use it, approach the opponent’s hero then use this skill. Try when using this ult you are near the enemy heroes gathered so that this ulti will attract all the opposing heroes who are near Tigreal.

For the sequence of using all the skills from the usual tigreal I use in the order of 3 4 2 so first push the opponent’s hero near the twer or your friend’s hero with the sacred hammer skill then imply so that they gather then use attack waves to finish them off or slow down the movement of the opponent’s hero.

Game Flow

Game start

At the beginning of the game, you should take the up or down path, try to get together with a hero that matches the tigreal such as vexana or aurora, better hero mage.

At this stage you play like support, maintaining the turret and helping your friends farm in the forest.

But at this early stage you can start trying to kill your opponent, try to make the minions near your turrent so that the enemy heroes are also there. if there is an opportunity use flicker so that you are behind the opponent’s hero then use the sacred hammer skill aim at the enemy and push him towards your turrent then use implosion if you are lvl 4 then use attack wave.

You can also rom or go to the mid to do the buttocks of the opponent’s hero in the middle. but when you are in the middle always pay attention to the turrent you are guarding, don’t let your turrent be attacked, you are even in the mid. Find the right time to butt the opponent’s hero in the mid/middle of the map.

Mid Game

In the middle of the game you can rom anywhere but you have to keep an eye on the map, don’t let your turrent be destroyed by your opponent.

You must always be with your friend’s hero because tigreal will not be useful if alone. gank / buttocks of the opponent’s hero.

In the mid game, this is what determines your team’s victory. You have to be smart in opening wars using a sacred hammer must be towards your turrent or your friends because if it’s wrong then this skill function will actually make you die useless, especially if your team’s response is not so fast then you will die useless.

late game

At the end of the game, it’s almost the same as the mid game, Tigreal must always be with your team, don’t let your team do war, you’re busy alone. Remember tigreal will not be useful if not with his team.

Do defend if in a pressed position and push if there is time for it. always be with your team and do the gank at the right time.

Hero allies

Hero friends that are compatible with tigreal are heroes with better skill areas, such as: vexana, aurora and other heroes with area skills.


For items use items with tanker builds in general or if you have a good build you can use that which is important with tanker builds.

Thus the guide to playing tankers with tigreal heroes for other tankers will follow, please be patient and criticize if something is lacking.


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