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Ragnarok X Next Generation and Tensura Collaboration, Here Are Interesting Facts -

The collaboration of ragnarok x next generation and tensura

The collaboration of ragnarok x next generation and tensura Of course, this is good news for the players. Because in this collaboration there will be many very interesting new things. Among them, equipment, mini bosses, MVP, new missions, and many others. As a player, you must know a variety of interesting facts. That way, you will know more about the game.

Interesting Facts about the Collaboration of Ragnarok X Next Generation and Tensura

You need to know, this collaboration event will take place in the period 10 September to 10 October 2021. To be able to take part in this event, you can do it by logging in to participate in a special event held for 1 month.

While anime tensura is a Japanese anime that has been popular in two periods. The first period when it aired for the first time was in 2021 and the second season which just ended in July 2021 recently. This anime series tells of an office worker who is usually called a satoru. The person is conscious after sustaining a serious injury. So that he will find himself who has been reborn to be used as a slime monster in fantasy games. The anime tensura design that the protagonist looks like at first glance looks like a very adorable poring. So that the collaboration that will be carried out is suitable.

In the event that takes place, players will manage to get 2 cards at once from a very strong boss. So that the coins that have been achieved can be exchanged for free. Not only that, the ragnarok collaboration can also feature slime fantasy world events. This will make it easier for players to complete the board game. Some of them are monopoly, headgear and also costumes that are adapted to this anime character. By playing monopoly, of course, you get the opportunity to roll the dice. The dice used are intended to complete daily quests and events. So you can easily get coins that can be exchanged for prizes of course.

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Ragnarok X Next Generation and Tensura Collaboration Event Tips

  1. Complete the Mission Board Daily Quest

You can start the ragnarok and tensura events by completing the daily mission board quest. The one who will give you a quest is Shuna and Rimuru who will appear in the middle of Prontera. The task is quite easy, you will be asked to collect items that you can check on the mission board. Requested items are usually found in mid-level monsters. If you manage to fight it then you can buy items requested by NPCs in the big city of Midgard. With the success of getting the right item, you also have the opportunity to dice that you can use on slime fantasy world.

  1. Provide a lot of Crystals

In addition, you also have to complete the mission board by collecting dice which can be done by exchanging crystals. That way, you can buy dice for free. Then you have to collect as many dice as possible in order to meet the needs of the dice you need.

  1. Completing the Otherworld Trial

At the ragnarok x tensura collaboration event, players must collect large amounts of silver or gold coins. So that the coins obtained can be exchanged for various interesting items in the collaboration.

Those are a variety of interesting facts that exist in collaboration of ragnarok x next generation and tensura. That way you will more easily understand this very interesting collaboration event. You can get other information that is no less interesting here, good luck!

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