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Tears of Themis Otome Latest MiHoYo Game, Here's Interesting Info -

Tears of Themis Otome Game MiHoYo

Tears of Themis Otome Game MiHoYo – MiHoYo will soon release Tears of Themis, an otome game with a detective theme. The topic of this game is being discussed by fans. Many have high hopes for the game, considering that MiHoYo has successfully released its current popular RPG, Genshin Impact.

Tears of Themis was first announced last March. The Close beta test version was also opened last April. There are already many fans who can’t wait to play the game. In connection with this topic, this time we will review the latest interesting information from Tears of Themis Otome Game MiHoYo.

Interesting Info The Latest Tears of Themis Otome Game MiHoYo

Otome game is a romantic story-based game whose main target is women. Currently there are many otome games available on android and iOS devices. Tears of themis will also soon accompany otome game fans. Tears of Themis carries the strategy and mystery genres, and puts forward an investigative element. Fans will be accompanied by various handsome partners with unique characters, to solve various cases at hand. In addition, the graphics displayed by MiHoYo are also of very high quality. Players will be pampered with a stunning display.

In this game, the player will act as a lawyer who handles various big cases. Together with partners, you will look for various clues to complete, to solve all cases. There will be unexpected obstacles, so solving the puzzle in each case will not be easy. You can also collect character cards in the game. Although the gameplay is simple, it is still interesting to play.

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When is Tears of Themis Released?

It is planned that the game Tears of themis will be released on July 29, 2021, if there is no change in the schedule. This game can be downloaded directly through the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Tears of Themis will be equipped with several language options, namely Chinese, Japanese, and English. So players will have no trouble communicating with partners. Save the date so you don’t miss it.

Tears of Themis Game Pre-Registration Prize

For now, you can pre-register first. The players who participated in the pre-registration will get a number of attractive prizes. This pre-registration period will last until July 27, 2021. About the list of tears of themis game pre-registration prizes, which are as follows,

  • If the number of pre-registration reaches 30,000, you can get a prize of 90 AP and 10 oracle
  • If you reach 150,000, you can get a prize of 20,000 stelling and 5 empathy chips
  • If you reach 250,000, you can get 10 oracle gifts and 10 empathy chips
  • If you reach 400.00, you can get 200 chips and 20 Rosa prizes
  • Finally, if you reach 500,000, you can get a prize of 10 tars

Prizes will be given randomly to several participants. To pre-register, please visit the following link On July 15, the number of pre-registration participants had reached 400,000.

Well, that was the latest info about Tear of Themis Otome Game MiHoYo latest. Come on, join the pre-registration now, before you miss it. Until here, first update the news of the new game this time. Hopefully useful for readers.

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