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The Latest Easy Way to Get FF Love Gifts

How to Get Love Gift FF

How to Get a Love Gift FF – Free Fire is again holding a series of special events this month of love. One of the most interesting is the Booyah Cinta Free Fire event or abbreviated as Boocin. As usual, Garena has prepared various lists of cool prizes at each event. Of course, this opportunity should not be missed.

In the latest free fire boocin event, players must collect Love Gift tokens to be exchanged for free gifts. Well, the survivors are still confused about how to get the token. Therefore, this article will discuss the easiest way to get the latest FF Love Gift info. Curious? Check below,

  • Token Love Gift Free Fire

Love gift ff is a special token at this Valentine’s event. By using these tokens, ff players can get the latest Miss Sweetheart bundle for free. In addition to love gift tokens, there is also one other token that also needs to be collected, namely the flower gift. The two tokens must be collected in accordance with applicable regulations, after which they can only be exchanged for free gifts. Then what is the provision for the number of tokens that must be collected? Here is the detailed info,

  1. To get Miss Sweetheart’s permanent bundle, it takes 5 love gift tokens, and 30 love flower tokens
  2. To get the Valentine’s Edition Weapon loot crate which can be exchanged 10x, it takes 7 love flower tokens
  3. To get a weapon royal voucher, it takes 2 love gift tokens
  4. To get an Airdrop summoning item that can be exchanged up to 99x, it takes 2 love flow tokens
  • How to Get FF Love Gift Easily

After knowing what love gift ff and love flower are, the next step is to explain how to get the two tokens. How to get ff love gift tokens is very easy, all you have to do is complete various missions at the valentine ff event. That way you will be able to get the token. But remember, special love gift tokens will only be distributed from 14 February to 16 February 2021.

So don’t be surprised if you’ve played many times but haven’t gotten the token yet. Because the time period for collecting love gift tokens has not been entered. As for the love flower tokens, you can collect them from now on. The method is also the same, namely by playing as much as possible at the Valentine FF event. While waiting for the date for the distribution of the ff love gift tokens, for now, collect as many love flower tokens as possible.

  • Quick Tips for Collecting FF Love Gift Tokens

In order to get lots of love gift tokens faster, you should use the following tips,

  • Do all the missions on the valentine event (Boocin mission), starting from daily logins, diamond vouchers, and others. On 14-16 February 2021
  • Next, do 5 matches on to get 2 love gift tokens ff
  • To get 3 additional ff love gifts, do 10 matches
  • So in total you can get up to 5 love gift tokens, that way is enough to be exchanged for Miss Sweetheart’s permanent bundle

There are still many interesting series of missions at this Valentine’s FF event. So don’t miss the various free gifts.

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So, that was the latest information on how to get the easiest FF Love Gift. How, how easy is not it? Don’t forget to use the tips above. That’s all for this article, good luck and good luck.

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