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PUBG Interactive Map, Get Interesting Info Here

PUBG Interactive Map

PUBG Interactive Map – When discussing the topic of interesting battle royal games, PUBG is definitely the one. This battle royal game is already available on various platforms, including Android and iOS mobile. In the opening paragraph it was already mentioned that pubg can be played on various platforms.

There are some differences between pubg which is played via PC and via mobile. One of them is on the map being played. So not all the maps on the pubg pc are available on pubg mobile. Well, what will be reviewed this time is the PUBG Interactive Map on the mobile version.

Interesting Info PUBG Interactive Map

Pubg mobile has presented various interesting maps to play. Among them there are four main list maps that are most liked by players. What is the info about the four main maps on pubg mobile like? Check the complete information on the points below,

  1. Map Erangel

Erangel is a map that has a lot of hilly and urban areas. The map size is 8×8 with almost half the area surrounded by water areas. This map is inspired by a fictional island in the territory of Russia. The concept carried on this map is long-range and medium-range combat. This map uses the standard time to start looting until the latest zone rotation. The time between each zone on this map is not too fast, but the blue zone has a fairly fast movement. In the Erangel map there are around 149 boats, 407 vehicles, 20 eSports vehicles, and a loot circle of 24k.

  1. Map of Sanhok

Sanhok is a map that has a bumpy surface covered with grass and higher ground contours. The size of this map is 4×4, inspired by the geographical area in Southeast Asia. In contrast to other maps, the loot percentage in this map is much higher at 32% while in other maps it is only around 20%. So players will find it easier to loot even though the map area is relatively small. This map uses relatively fast time between zones, but the movement between zones is actually slow. In the Sanhok map there are about 34 boats, 1 cave bike, 3 cave jet skis, 117 vehicles, 27 river boats, and 13k loot circulars.

  1. Miramar Map Map

Miramar is a map where 80% of the area is arid land. The map size is the same as Erangel, but has more area to play with. This map is a desert area that only has a little green area (grass). There are many open areas, perfect for long-range combat for snipers. The time between zones on this map is quite long with very fast zone movements. In the Miramar map there are about 54 boats, 317 vehicles, 61 off road vehicles, 20 vehicles (eSports), and 43k loot circulars.

  1. Map Vikendi

Vikendi is a snowy map that has no green areas (grass). The map size is 6×6 larger than Sanhok but smaller than Miramar and Erangel. The geographical conditions are quite bumpy, but not too extreme. In this map, the distances between the buildings are close to each other. For zones in this map, it is not as slow as in the Sanhok map but also not as fast as in the Erangel map. In the Vikendi map there are about 42 boats, 262 vehicles, and a loot circle of 28k.

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That’s interesting information about the mobile version of the PUBG Interactive Map. By reading the reviews above, of course, you will understand more about the main map on pubg mobile. That’s it for this article, I hope it’s useful.

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