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Complete Guide to Making Minecraft Game Armor -

Minecraft Game armor

Minecraft is famous for its uniqueness which offers its players the freedom to be creative in making various things according to the player’s imagination, ranging from buildings, unique objects, and various other things including Minecraft Game armor. Making armor in this minecraft game can be an exciting option for players to increase their creativity. Especially for those who have a high interest in action games, then creating their own armor or armor can provide a new experience. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about how to make armor or armor which is one of the supporting tools that can be used to do battle against enemies in this Minecraft game. Here’s a complete guide to the steps you have to take to make armor. Check this out!.

  1. Determining the Armor Type

The first step you have to do to make your Minecraft Game armor is to first determine the type of armor you want to make. There are several types of armor that you can make in this Minecraft game, including:

  1. Leather Armor: Protects your character up to 28% from damage. This armor is the weakest type among the other types. However, in the process of melting this type of armor, you don’t need special equipment to make it (such as a pickaxe).
  2. Iron Armor: This armor protects your character’s damage up to 60%, this type of armor is stronger than leather armor.
  3. Gold Armor: This type of armor can reduce damage up to 44%. Although this amor requires a higher quality material than iron armor, it has a lower level of resistance than iron armor. So making gold armor is a bit of a waste of your time and resources.
  4. Diamond Armor: This type of armor reduces damage by 80%. To make this type of armor, you don’t need to smelt. This is the best armor, but very difficult to make because diamonds in Minecraft are very rare items.

  1. Collect Materials To Make Armor

Furthermore, after determining the type of armor, you must collect the materials that you will use to make armor. The four types of armor above, each requires 24 materials to make a complete set of armor. To get leather, you have to kill 24 cows. To get Iron, you have to mine iron ore in 24 iron block mines using a stone pickaxe. Meanwhile, to kill gold, you have to add 24 gold ore underground using an iron pickaxe. Finally, for diamond materials, you have to mine 24 diamond ores that are deep underground using a diamond pickaxe or an iron pickaxe.

  1. Gather Resources To Melt Armor Materials

Next, melt the material you want to make into armor. To make gold, iron, and diamond armor you need 8 gray cobblestones and also fuel in the form of 6 pieces of wood blocks or mining at least 10 blocks of coal.

  1. Open Craft Desk

If you already have a craft table, then open the craft table. However, if you don’t have one, you can make it by cutting some wooden blocks.

  1. Make a Furnace

The next step in making Minecraft Game armor, you have to make a furnace by placing cobblestones at the top, bottom, right and left on the crafting table grid of 3 pieces each. After the stove is finished, then place the stove on the ground and then open the furnace. In the furnace window there are three boxes consisting of the upper box for ore, the lower box for the fuel container, and the right side box for the final smelting product.

  1. Melt Your Gold or Iron Material

The next step you have to do is melt the material for your armor in the furnace. Click the top furnace for armor materials, click the bottom for fuel. Then wait for the 24 armor materials to finish smelting then transfer the results to the inventory.

  1. Make Armor

The final step after the material is smelted, you just need to form the smelting product that you have placed in your inventory. To make armor, first you have to open the crafting table and then make your armor parts starting from helmets, chest protectors, leg protectors, to boots. After your armor parts are finished, then close the crafting table and your armor is ready to use.

That’s a guide to making Minecraft Game armor that you can make to increase resilience and protect your character from enemy attacks. This Minecraft game isn’t very exciting, you can create various kinds of objects according to your creations. Happy innovating.

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