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Free Fire Venom Jacket Bundle, Here's the Leaked Info -

Venom Free Fire Bundle Jacket

Venom Free Fire Bundle Jacket – The news about the collaboration of free fire with the anti-hero character of marvel comics, Venom, is becoming a hot topic. Many survivors suspect that the news is true. Even so, Garena FF has not provided further confirmation. So still have to wait for the next information.

Even so, related news has circulated in the local survivor community. Some even talk about Venom Free Fire Bundle Jacket. Of course this makes more and more curious about the truth. Well, this time, leaks have been found about the special Venom jackpot bundle. As for what the complete information is, you can check in the discussion of this article.

Venom Free Fire Bundle Jacket Leaks

So far, there has been no confirmation from Garena about the FF x Venom collaboration. Even so, it is highly likely that even such a collaboration will occur. Moreover, there are leaks about a special bundle of venom jackets. As is known, that in every collaboration or collab, free fire will definitely issue special items. Whether it’s in the form of emotes, bundles, weapons or others. Well, the venom jacket bundle is one of them. The display image of the bundle has been circulating and has been widely discussed.

The appearance itself, looks fierce and cool. Seen a character wearing a jacket with the venom logo. The color after the costume and jacket is dominated by black. At the top, you can see silver-white hair and a mask with sharp teeth and some blood spots. Overall, this venom jacket bundle is indeed good and identical to the venom character. So the leak immediately attracted attention.

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How to Get FF Venom Jacket Bundle

This venom jacket bundle is part of the collaboration, so there’s a chance it can be purchased by purchasing during the collaboration period. Or it could be one of the prize lists at the ff x venom special event. The gift may or may not be free. Depends on the mission of the event that must be done. What is clear, for now is still not sure about how to get the bundle. After all, the bundle is not yet available in the free fire game.

So we can’t share detailed info on how to get the bundle. What can be done now is just to prepare the diamond first, just in case it turns out that the bundle is priced at an expensive price or has to be spinned. While waiting, you can enliven the current moco awakening event. In this event, there are also attractive prizes that are a pity to miss.

When is Venom FF Jacket Bundle Released

Apart from the look of the venom ff jacket, there is still no other leaked info. So about when this bundle will be released, no one knows yet. Again, we still have to wait for official confirmation from the official developer of the free fire game. For now, survivors can only pray that the ff]x venom collaboration really happens, so it’s very likely that the cool jacket bundle will also be released. Because it’s still conjecture, so the available information is limited. Later when new information appears, this article will be updated again. For that do not miss the next discussion.

That’s the leaked info Venom Free Fire Jackpot Bundle most recently reviewed. The information above is obtained from reliable sources. Hopefully it can answer the curiosity of the survivors. That’s all for this discussion, see you in the next article.

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