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How to Get MC Funk FF Bundle at the Latest Crystal Cube Event -

t Bundle MC Funk

How to Get MC Funk FF Bundle – Garena held many interesting events on the newest free fire rampage new dawn this time. Each event provides a special prize for the latest rampage edition, so it’s even more exciting to take part in the event. The peak of the new dawn ff rampage event series occurred this month.

So don’t be surprised if there are a lot of interesting updates lately. One of the highlights is about How to Get MC Funk FF Bundle. The new bundle is being targeted by survivors, and reportedly can be obtained by participating in the ff crystal cube event. What is the complete way like? Find the info in this article.

Latest Free Fire MC Funk Bundle

Bundle MC funk is one of the new items in the free fire game. As the name suggests, the appearance of the new bundle is indeed quite quirky and unique. Consists of a complete outfit with shoe accessories, necklace and glasses. And has a tattoo on his left hand. For the appearance of the clothes, the color combination is black, white and orange, with a striped motif. The shoes are orange. Overall it looks funky, so according to the name, right?

How to Get MC Funk FF Bundle

This eccentric bundle became one of the main prizes at the latest crystal cube free fire event. So to get it of course by completing the mission in the crystal cube event. The mission that must be done is to do a spin. Of course there are certain terms and conditions that apply to the spin. To be clear, just check the following steps.

  • Login in the free fire game, then open the event menu in the game. Then look for the event crystal cube ff option.
  • After that, a list of event prizes will appear, then the player’s task is to spin on the page.
  • There is a skip and delete option in the spin feature. Delete to remove unwanted gifts. And skins to replace other prizes aka do not want to take gifts that have appeared.
  • For the system itself, after making the first spin, then delete one of the unwanted prize lists.

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  • In doing spin, of course, you need diamonds. The price of the first spin is 9 diamonds. This price will continue to increase in the next spin. The more spins, the higher the diamond costs that must be spent.
  • Regarding the delete option, if it is used, it can make the spin up to a maximum of five times. If you are lucky, you can get the main prize on the first spin.

Interesting Info Crystal Cube FF Event

The previous crystal cube ff event has also been held. And as usual the response from the fans was quite good, so Garena held this event again. But with an updated gift list of course. To join this event, all you need to prepare is a diamond balance that is sufficient to win the main prize. The event period is from June 22 to June 28, 2021. It’s only for about a week, so hurry up and join now so you don’t miss out.

So that’s an interesting explanation of how to get it. That’s all that can be discussed this time, see you in the next game article update. Don’t miss the next article update.

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