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New State Pubg Troi Map Leaks, Latest, Get Complete Info Here -

Pubg New State Troi Map Leaked

PUBG New State Troi Map Leaks – PUBG New state was officially released in February 2021. This game has become a battle royale that is widely discussed by various groups because it provides interesting gameplay that was not presented in previous PUBG games. This certainly makes fans interested in playing it. A publisher director of PUBG Studio gave the latest leak about PUBG New State in a video he released, the video is titled Field Trip to TROI, a map that has a sophisticated 8×8 size, the video was issued to ease the curiosity of fans of this PUBG game. But many people ask what is Map TROI? nha, this time you can find the answer, because we will discuss about the Pubg New State Troi Map Leak. To answer the questions above, see the discussion below.

The Latest Leaked Pubg New State Troi Map

The video released by Brian Corrigan entitled Field Trip To Troi, there are several pictures of the troi in it, namely a large 8×8-sized map and an attractive design, this aims for players to feel the best battle royal sensation. The best 4 sessions in the first series are Mall, Exhibition Hall, Laboratory, and the last is Trailer Park. This gameplay will be more interesting because it has unique visuals and features in each area, this will provide a more challenging and very exciting sensation for sure. This map has a very wide open area to a narrow place that is favored by melee fighters. In this map you can also see all areas and are equipped with the name of each area. The version in this map is Alpha. So there is still the possibility to experience changes either in whole or in part. For those of you who are waiting for this map to be released, please be patient, because until now there is no known release date. But don’t worry because it might be released in the near future

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Interesting Things In The Field Trip To Troi

  1. Mall

Mall is a place that does not have a roof and accommodates various kinds of shops in it. This open roof can be used as an alternative to surround the remaining enemies. However, players must be more careful with mall escalators, because if you choose the wrong escalator, you risk returning to the initial lobby. Of course this is very unfortunate.

  1. Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall is almost the same as a mall, but this place is usually used as a place to jump for looting.

  1. Laboratory

In this area you will find various routes that can be used to surround your opponent. The interesting thing in this area is the Central Security Room, which is an area with bulletproof and see-through glass. In this area you will feel a very tense but exciting sensation.

  1. Trailer Park

Trailer park is a bunker area, players must have extra stealth skills to survive in this area. The small bridge here can be used as a way out.

How to Register PUBG: New State

For those of you who want to play the PUBG: New State game, you can use the methods that we present below, this application can be opened via Android and iOS.

  1. Click the link beside
  2. Scroll down and you will find iOS and Android registration
  3. You click on OS then you will find a page to register
  4. Click the yellow button that says Pre-registration

So that’s the information about the New State Pubg Troi Map Leak, to find out the latest leaks released by PUBG, see our next article. See you next article

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