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Six Invitation 2021 Rainbow Six: Siege Fourth Tournament -

Six Invitation 2020

Recently, Ubisoft announced the latest information regarding the fourth Rainbow Six: Siege tournament event, Six Invitation2021. The Six Invitational itself is a competition stage for the most prestigious global tournament activities in the esports arena Rainbow Six: Siege. This event is held once a year to invite Rainbow Six: Siege teams around the world. The Six Ivitational which is often dubbed the SI tournament serves as a forum for fierce battles between the world’s best teams to fight for the title as the best team or “best of the best world champion”. This Invitational is arguably an esports event similar to the UEFA Champions League in the field of football.

In this event, apart from inviting the best teams, Rainbow Six: Siege fans can also attend the tournament directly at the venue by purchasing one of two types of tickets. The two types of tickets consist of Operator pass and Elite Pass. To get this Operator Pass ticket, you need to spend CA $ 95 or if it is converted into Indonesian currency, it is equivalent to Rp. 1,010,000 rupiah. Meanwhile, for the purchase of an Elite Pass, a CA$240 or around IDR 2,560,000 rupiah is required. Purchasing this Elite Pass, apart from being able to give you access to the venue, also gives you additional prizes in the form of an in-game Six Invitation 2021 bundle consisting of weapon skins, costumes for Sledge, and charm items. In addition to in-game bundles, there are additional prizes that can be picked up directly at the venue in the form of merchandise packages and quick access for autograph sessions and many other benefits. In addition to the information about the entrance ticket above, there is some other information announced by Ubisoft to welcome the realization of this game in 2021. What is this information?, just take a look at the following description.

Team Selection

In this tournament, there will be 16 teams invited by Ubisoft to compete in the Six Invitation 2021. This selection is very tight, because only the team with the best achievements can participate in this event. Selection for teams is done through various types of competitions. The team that emerges as the winner of the competition will advance to the Six Invitation stage 2021. Currently, the selection made to find the 16 teams is still not final, because there are still many ongoing competitions.

Implementation date

Based on the news from Ubisoft Six Invitation 2021 will be held in February 2021 with the venue at the Place Bell building, Laval City, precisely in the Greater Montreal area of ​​Quebec Province, Canada. Meanwhile, the confirmed schedule of events is as follows:

  • For 7 – 9 February 2021 is the Offline Group Stage
  • February 11 – 12, 2021 is the first two days of the Offline Playoffs
  • For 14 – 16 February 2021 are the last two days of the Offline Playoffs and finalists.

The matches are only open to the public from February 14 to 16, 2021, while for February 7 – 9 and February 11 – 12 the matches are not open to the public. But don’t worry, the previous matches can be seen live via Twich and Youtube broadcasts.

Terms For Security

In this event, Ubisoft set a high enough security standard to ensure that no person commits a crime, considering that Rainbow Six: Siege is a military-themed game. Participants or fans who wish to participate in this invitation are strictly prohibited to carry any weapons. Both weapons that can throw projectiles or other sharp weapons. Airsoft weapons are still allowed to enter with the condition that they use a prop magazine (deceptive magazine), while for male weapons such as knives, they can only be carried using empty grips and sheaths and are not allowed to resemble real knives. As for the costume, it must not have any material made of sharp iron.

Events held

The Six Invitational is actually an event that is more than just a tournament, but also a media gathering that unites all fans from various countries. So that fans who attend the tournament location will not only be served a virtual shootout, but can also enjoy various other events that are no less exciting. Because, in this event Ubisoft will present popular fan artists, costplayers, developer panels, and content creators from the Rainbow Six: Siege community.

Thus some of the latest information from the most popular global tournaments in Rainboe Six: Siege in 2021 that we can convey to you. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article review.

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