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List of Famous Android Games in 2021

Android Game List

List of Famous Android Games in 2021. Games are the latest prima donna in the current era. An era where technology is developing very rapidly so that it affects the lives and habits of many people. Most visible today is the world of entertainment. The many developments in information technology make everyone flock to have these objects and because these objects have many functions for today’s life.

One of the functions of this mobile phone technology is for refreshing when we feel bored while doing activities all day. It can also be a means of making money by using his hobby. Yep, now a lot of games are playing it. They mostly play using android mobile phones which are considered more practical and can be taken anywhere.

There are many choices of android games that are presented in 2021, game lovers can choose how to play the game, according to their own wishes and interests. Various kinds of games are presented ranging from adventure, football, action, and many more. All you have to do is download this Android game through the Playstore application that is already installed on your respective Android phone. Below are examples of viral android games in 2021.

Viral Android Games in 2021

Mobile Legends

This game has been viral since before 2021 among game lovers in Indonesia and abroad. This game tells the story of a battle between 10 players who are divided into 2 camps. So 5 players against 5 players, who will compete with strategies and skills to destroy the tower. This game, in Indonesia is very viral starting from children to adults who play this game. There is no age limit in playing this game. The most important thing is that the players respect each other and should not cheat in playing. Because of this game, most people are willing to spend money just to buy diamonds or skins in this game.

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile or what is known as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is a game that contains players fighting against each other, it can also be played per team where one team can only contain 4 players. In individual or solo play, all in the game lobby a total of 100 players will try to defend themselves by killing enemies and surviving like a warlord. In the game a team of 100 people is divided into 25 teams which usually consist of 4 players. And within the team help each other to attack or to survive.

Free Fire

This game is almost the same as the previous PUBG game, the only difference being in the display of features and controls. This game is also in great demand by young people who like games with the battle royal genre like PUBG or Free Fire. The game mechanics and the number of players with PUBG differ in the number of players in the arena where free fire only contains 50 players. Free fire is in great demand by children who like battle royal games but have limitations in their android specs.

Yups, above all, this is the most popular android game by all circles in 2021. And in Indonesia for the three games above, there are several parties who hold tournaments where the prizes and enthusiasm from the players are very high.

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