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Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact Costume, Here's the Latest Leak -

Klee Boombastic Summer Costume

Costume Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact – MiHoYo has now officially released its newest feature, a costume that is used for players in the game. The leak of this costume is for the character Klee in Genshin Impact. The 2 characters who have received this costume are Jean and Barbara, which are costumes with summer nuances. But it doesn’t stop there, now MiHoYo is also rumored to be releasing a new costume for the Klee character named Boombastic Summer in Genshin Impact. Based on the information above, in this discussion we will discuss the leaks about the Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact Costume. To find out more information, please refer to the article below to the end so that there are no misunderstandings later.

Leaked Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact Costume

Boombastic Summer is the newest costume used for Klee’s character and is part of Barbara and Jean’s costume. Klee’s newest costume will be bright white and has beautiful decorations such as ribbons and carries a red bag with a closer patterned decoration on the front of the costume. However, the release of the Boombastic Summer costume is still unknown, it may be present in the next update (update 1.7). not only klee, MiHoYo is also rumored to be releasing costumes for all of its characters, starting from the characters Fischl, Xingqiu, Keqing and the last one is Klee. By using this costume, it makes all the characters look more attractive than before. Based on the Honkai Impact 3 game which is made by MiYoho, it is possible to have castes from each custom. Starting from an ordinary custom, it can even turn into a custom that has other interesting effects. To get this Custom Feature, you have to make a purchase through the Shop at a price of 1680 Genesis Crystal (GR) which if converted is worth 300 to 400k.

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How to Buy Custom Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact

For those of you who don’t know the previous information, that for now the available costumes are from Jean’s character, but after 1.6 is complete and ends, the costume that will be added to the RG (Change Room) menu in the Shop menu is Barbara’s Costume. The easy way to buy this costume is:

  1. You open the Genshin Impact game application.
  2. After the application is open, then the next step is to click Paimon Shop
  3. After you click Paimon shop then click the shop menu
  4. After clicking the shop menu then click the second option, namely Changing Room.
  5. After clicking the dressing room then you click the costume you want from the several costumes offered.
  6. You can buy using Genesis Crystal.
  7. If you are successful, then you will get the costume you want.

So that’s the information we convey to you about Custome Klee Boombastic Summer Genshin Impact and you can get it based on the method that we have shared above. Don’t worry, because we will notify you about the latest update from Montoon next. Not only bundles but skins and redeem codes will be summarized for you to read. For those of you who want to know the latest information from your favorite games, then wait for our next article.

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