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Why Ninja Heroes Is Not On Play Store, Here's The Answer

Why Ninja Heroes Is Not On Play Store

Why Ninja Heroes Are Not On Play Store – The development of the game world is increasingly sophisticated, this can be seen from the emergence of VR technology. Not only that, now playing games can be done practically through an Android mobile. There are many games with various interesting genres to play, one of which is the Ninja Heroes game.

This is an old game that has recently returned to popularity in the gamer community in the country. Regarding the game, it has been removed from the play store. This left many fans disappointed and confused. Well, this article will discuss further Why Ninja Heroes Is Not On Play Store? Find the answer in this review.

  • Ninja Heroes Game Brief Review

Ninja heroes is an RPG set in the world of the popular anime Naruto. At the beginning of the game the player will start with the Naruto character. But players can also recruit more characters up to 100 different characters. In this game, players must fight to become Hokage, just like in the anime series. Regarding the game play, ninja heroes use a simple combat system, where players just watch as the fight takes place.

If lucky, in spectacular battles players can see special attacks like those in the original anime series. In addition to fighting, players can also explore ninja villages, learn new techniques, upgrade items, get more new ninja, or change the line up of the attacking team. Then when viewed in terms of graphics, Ninja Heroes has quality graphics that are clear and attractive. By using the chibi version of the character, it makes this game look funny and interesting.

  • Why Ninja Heroes Is Not On Play Store

When it was first released, the Ninja Heroes game was available on the play store. But not long after, this game disappeared or was removed from the play store to date. Actually it’s been a long time since this game was removed from the play store. Not found the exact cause why this RPG should be removed by the play store. From the rumors circulating, it is stated that this game contains a virus. However, it turned out that the issue was not proven to be a hoax.

If so, then the main cause of Ninja Heroes being removed from the play store is because the game does not meet the rules or conditions that apply in the play store. So the play store had to delete it. Previously, this game had changed its name several times and could again be downloaded via the play store. But not long ago, the play store again deleted the game.

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  • How to Download the Latest Ninja Heroes 2021

Based on the experience of gamers who have tried playing Ninja Heroes, many have given interesting and good ratings regarding this game. It’s a shame that this good RGP is not available on the play store. But don’t worry, there are other ways to be able to re-download this game. That is by accessing the official website at, then downloading the application on the official website.

Or if you have trouble finding the official site, just use this link On that link, the official version of the latest 2021 ninja heroes apk is available. So just download and install the game, and start playing.

That’s interesting information about Why Ninja Heroes Not On Play Store? Hopefully the reviews above can answer the curiosity of related game fans. In addition, if you experience a force close while playing Ninja Heroes, then use a clone application to overcome it.

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