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Leaked Mystery Shop FF June 2021, Get the Latest Info Here -

Mystery Shop FF Leaks

Leaked Mystery Shop FF June 2021- Hi friends, FF gamers wherever you are. In the new month, of course, Elite Pas in this game is also new. The thing you are definitely waiting for every month is the Mystery Shop event. This event is held by Garena by providing massive discounts that can reach 90 percent for Free fire game players. And there are several prizes and items that will be available during this period. Of course, this is a very eagerly awaited moment for players who like to look for massive discounts. But is there a Mystery Shop Event this month? Based on the information above, the discussion in this article is the Mystery Shop Ff June 2021 Leak. What further information looks like, see the article below.

Get to know the Mystery Shop FF

The Mystery Shop in the Ff game is an event that is issued by Gerena every 2 months. This event provides massive discounts for players, namely premium free fire bundles, skins and weapons at low prices and can be obtained at the Mystery Shop. For those of you who usually buy premium items, skins and weapons at quite expensive prices or with hundreds or even thousands of diamonds, then at the mystery shop event you can buy them at low prices and you can even get discounts of 50% to 90%. Very interesting isn’t it. So this event is a highly awaited event for ff players. The discount Elite Pass card is also one of the much-awaited items. Which, when there is a mystery shop, there must be an elite at a discount. Thus, don’t miss this one event to add to your collection of premium skins and bundles, of course, at a very low price.

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Get to know the Elite Pass FF Card

Elite Pass is a feature where you can become one of the premium members who can get various prizes. This feature can give you elite member gifts as well as free or free gifts. But to become a member, you have to spend money to buy an elite pass card. After becoming an elite member, you can get various attractive prizes such as special rare bundles, so there is nothing to lose as a member. Don’t worry, we will give you tricks and tips so you can get an elite pass for free. So, follow the guide below.

  1. Enter Giveaway

You can get this giveaway at various game content creators who will give you freebies by doing various missions that he has set.

  1. Using Google Play Vouchers

You can find various applications that can help you to get diamond ff. which you have to do several missions to get points that you can exchange with the given method.

  1. Participate in Gerena ff Events

Gerena has launched an event by giving free elite passes to lucky FF players. This event could of course be present in the following month. So for those of you who want to get the elite fit, please be patient.

Mystery Shop Ff Leaks June 2021

Mystery shop is an event that is issued by Gerena every 2 months. As for many who say that the event will be back in June 2021. According to the schedule, this event only comes out every 2 months and the last release is in May 2021. So most likely this June there will be no Mystery Shop Event. However, one YouTuber gave a leak about the presence of this event on 15-20 June 2021. The estimated date is based on the release of the mystery shop in the month of Ramadan, which is also the 15th. This is just a leak, so we can’t confirm the truth. So wait for further news.

So, that’s the information related to the June 2021 Ff Mystery Shop Leak, there’s still a lot more information about Free Fire and other interesting games that we will share with you, so stay tuned for our article. See you later

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